Mount Sabu: Bawean Island, East Java, Indonesia

This mountain is located in the middle of Bawean island, on the height of 250 m above sea level. Not as the highest in the island, yet the peak has wide view overlooking the mesmerizing Lake Kastoba beneath, and surely the islands and the ocean is visible as well from there.

It takes about 1.5 hours motorbike ride from Sangkapura Port or about 2 hours drive by car. The hike can be started from Balikterus village. And then continue by hiking about 1 hour to the peak. The hike actually is not far yet because it is very sloppy that it can take longer. Get prepared with comfortable shoes, descending is even tougher than the hike. Good hiking shoes is recommended. Bring snacks and water to keep hydrated. There will be no food sellers in the village, so carrying something for energy is a must.

Enroute the hike, we will meet rice field. From the peak , get ready to be be amazed by the view. Best visit to hike is on dry season, around April-August. On rainy season can be foggy and the view to the sea is not so clear. Please ask local guide to accompany for safety reason.

If you love hiking, visiting this site is a must. And you can even descend and drive for few KM before you can do another hiking to Lake Kastoba. (Leena)