Lake Gunung Tujuh, Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia

Lake Gunung Tujung is located in Kerinci National Park. Gunung Tujuh means seven mountains, and it is called so as the lake is literally surrounded by seven mountains, namely: Mt Gunung Tujuh (2.735 m), Mt Jar Panggang ( 2.469 m), Mt. Madura Besi ( 2.418 m), Mt Hulu Tebo ( 2.525 m), Mt Lumut  (2.350 m) , Mt Hulu Sangir (2.330M ) and Mt. Selasih (2.230 m)

On the other side of the lake, which can be reached by 2 hours rowing boat, there is lake beach which can be used for camping and in the morning they can enjoy sunrise at the lake. 

The lake is located in Pelompek, from the mainroad , visitors must go further to Pintu Rimba, where the trail starts. It takes about 3 hours to reach the lake. The path is steep, and mostly is natural stairs created by roots of the trees. Prepare with hiking shoes and raincoat when climbing, and do not forget food and water. In the weekdays can be very quiet but on weekend locals usually visit the lake for weekend getaway. 

The closer we get to the lake, there will be more gurgling of water, which derives from lake water falling to the valleys. Prepare with hat and long sleeves and trousers, we ware of some flies that might bite you. Apply bugs repellent just in case. 

The path is actually easy to find, only one path directly to the lake. However it is recommended to hike with friends or if you travel alone be accompanied by tour guide, especially on weekdays.