MUSEUM ANGKUT, Batu , Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Thera are abundant of collections of modes of transportation in this museum. The museum has modern, airy set, entertaining and as well educating the visitors. We can find traditional vehicle such as gerobak or cikar (cow carriage), becak, horse carriage, bicycles, cars, motorbike and truck.

According to museum staff, all the collections are gathered through purchases, grants, borrowed from collectors. The museum still searches for new collections.

At the second floor, i am particularly interested to the wreck of Tucuxi electric car which was driven the Minister of State-owned Enterprises, Dahlan Iskan. The car had an accident during the test drive in Magetan, East Java in 2013. The car is displayed as the way it was when it had accident and no retouch.

The latest product at the museum is the ‘€œwreck’€ of the electric car Tucuxi, once driven by former state-owned enterprises minister Dahlan Iskan. This car had an accident during its test drive in Magetan, East Java, in 2013.

The museum has come zones : USA, British, French and German Zone. Each zone has the typical ambiance of each country. and displaying the cars made there. When entering American Zone, visitors will enter a Broadway era with some Ford cars parked along the street, and the set looks like in the western movies with gangster roaming.

The Italian zone has some italian Fiat cars parked on a road in the middle of Italian city when mafioso reigned the city. As well as British and German zone will take you to London and Berlin with the cars produced.

On the other side is old city of Batavia, with its street, market, come to life with some bajaj vehicle park along the street. (Agus)