Batu Secret Zoo, Batu East Java, Indonesia

Batu Secret Zoo has now a popular destination for family. Beside some pro cons about the zoo operation world wide lately, zoo turns out still attracts visitors for education and tourism. Here visitors can see various animals from Indonesia and also from another countries.

There are some zones here, such as reptile garden, aquarium, river adventure, African village, tiger land. Children can learn more about the animals and how critically endangered some species are.

You need only to purchase the one ticket and can see all the zone including riding boat for river adventure where you can have short sail with some birds swimming and also hippo waiting.

In Tiger Land we can see various big cats, such as lions, and tigers.

There are other parks located in the same location of Batu Secret Zoo, Ecogreen Park and Museum Satwa (Animals Museum).

Ecogren Park has abundant birds, beautiful chicken, world pheasant, animal farm, and butterflies. The park has also Javan Peafowl conservation breeding program. Visitors can feed some unique species from some countries.