Dino Park, Batu-Malang, East Java-Indonesia

This newest theme park is very appealing to visit, especially for family or school children holiday. There are various ride with dinosaurs theme in Dino Park. All are already free of charge, visitors just pay 1 time tickets

Dino Park is located in the complex of Dino Mall. Visitors can observe the many species of dinosaurs, its skeletons. And here are some rides in Dino Parks that is thrilling and gets us excited:

This ride is explored by riding a big open train of 48 people capacity. Visitors will be passing some dinosaurs and life like animals which lived in the period:Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Ice Age. The dinosaurs can move the tail and mouth or head and some looks like they really breath.

This ride is also free. There are several artificial aquarium and we will be provided 3D glass to experience the underwater thrill of shark and other animals.

Visitors will be take to a ride a train along a cave with various dolls. They move they are bright , colorful.

Visitors will ride a boat to enter a cave, observing luminescence colorful plants like in fairies land, and then entering the cave of Prof Gila (Prof. Crazy) with futuristic sphere, surgery room, and the boat slide down to a pool for an Adrenalin rush experience. People with heart illness may not ride this.

Recommended to visit Dino Park on weekdays/non holiday period. There are some outdoor part that visitors better prepare with umbrella/raincoat in rainy season and hat, sunnies in dry season. There will be lots of walk, be prepared with comfy outfit and comfy shoes, high heel is not recommended. E bike is also available for rent that you can explore the park easily without walking.

It takes about at least 3 hours in Dino Park, or can be more if you want to try all the rides available. And i think if going with family, spend full day in Dino Park and Legend Star. (Agus)