PICTURES: JANUARY 2019 Temples, Rice Terrace Day Tour on the Slope of Mount Penanggungan

Mount Penanggungan slope is rich of natural and cultural beauty. Located only 2 hours from Surabaya, this tranquil village can be a shore excursion destination for cruise passenger if they dock at Tanjung Perak Port of Surabaya (Surabaya North Quay). It takes about 7-8 hours tour in total. The tour will give you a different experience, as this area is slightly off-the-beaten-path.
Belahan Temple is one of springs located on slope of Mount Penanggungan among 33 springs located there. The two goddesses statue are Laksmi and Sri, the wife of Wisnu, the manifestation of King Airlangga and his two wives. This spring temple was built in the 11th Century.
Jolotundo Spring Temple or Candi Jolotundo, is a 10th Century spring temple built by King Udayana to welcome the birth of his son, Airlangga.
The gate of Candi Jolotundo
Jedong Temple, another temple located on slope of Mount Penanggungan, similar to fortress construction made of red brick and andesit stone with kala decoration.
And you can also see the rice terraces on slope of Mount Penanggungan. Farmers here harvest rice 2-3 times a year, the area is rich of water.

And you can see the farmers working in rice field to get the soil ready for rice plant.
Experience and share smile and greetings and a little chat with the locals.