Sate and Bebek (Duck) Madura, East Java, Indonesia

Despite the close proximity from Surabaya, Madura is popular for its delicious food. You can almost find those menus in any city in Indonesia, whether in small food stall by the street or in restaurants. 

Sate Madura usually consists on ayam (Chicken) and kambing (lamb). Satay Madura has typically dense peanut sauce rich of taste. Different than satay in Central Java, which the chilly is freshly cut, sambal of satay Madura is already mashed. And just like any satay you may have tried, it can be eaten with rice or lontong. 

Bebek Madura, is a very famous duck menu.  The taste of the duck is also typical Madura which is rich of seasoning. The condiment, beside sambal and some vegetables is flour crispy. The most popular bebek restaurant in Madura is Bebek Sinjay, and latey there are many other restaurants appear which has its own lover, such as Bebek Tera Bulan, Bebek Kayu Tangan, Bebek Harisa.