Jengkol or which is known as Jering (Pithecellobium jiringa)grows in South Asia, such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia. IN Gayo language: Jering, Batak : Jering, Karo and Toba: Joring, Minangkabau : Jariang, Lampung and Dayak: Jaring, Bali:blandingan, Sulawesi: lubi, while Sunda and Jawa : Jengkol

Jengkol is not cultivated, it grow in the forest on slope of hills,  at the front or backyard, or in farm. Usually the seeds or young trees are found, not cultivated. The tree absorbs water that it is good to prevent erosion on sloppy area. 

Jengkol is rich of carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin B, Phosphor, Calcium,  Steroid, tanin, saponin and vitamin C.  The taste is very strangely delicious when cooked in various food. Some people like to eat it fresh. However it has negative effect, such as causing bad breath and causing bad urine and sweat smell.  Djenkolic acid in the fruit can caused Djenkolic stone.

Because it grows only in forest , not cultivated, Jengkol is reduced. The price can reach up to 10 USD/KG.