Cassia and Ceylon Cinnamon

Known as the sweet smell for spices, and herbs and used for bakery, this inner tree bark is popular. Do you know that actually there are two kinds of cinnamon: Cassia Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon.Both has similar smell, but there are some differences.

Cassia is similar to Chinese  Cassia, mostly found in the market. There are some species of Cassia which grows in  Indonesia, Vietnam and other South East Asian Countries.  The color is darker than Cinnamon, Cassia also has strong smell which derives from the oil. It bark is thick and strong.  

Ceylon grows in Sri Lanka, the smell is sweeter and the texture is more and the color is white brown. The bark is thick and sold in stick. The bark is usually roled into stick and dried. As it is thin, it is easily grind. Cinnamon is more expensive than Cassia. 

Both has good use for health, such as lower  sugar blood, lower cholesterol, good for blood, for fungus and bactery infection, for memory and brain health and good for digestion. 

However Cassia has high coumarin. Coumarin can be harmful if taken in large doses regularly. Coumarin is carcinogenic agent.