Accessing Dieng Plateau from Surabaya

Well, you may have been to Yogyakarta, the second most popular destination in Indonesia after Bali. But you might never been to this beautiful plateau in Central Java, while it is just located about 3 hours from Yogyakarta or 2 hours from Borobudur Temple. I will inform you how to reach this plateau and enjoy its beauty if you are from Surabaya.


– By train from Surabaya to Yogyakarta. And then afterwards take shuttle from Yogyakarta to Wonosobo. If you want to be managed from Yogyakarta, you can inform local tour operator to pick up at Yogyakarta.
– By car. If you are on budget and want to do this tour, there is shuttle from Surabaya to Wonosobo which is only DR 190,000 and it departs at 17.00 from Surabaya, this includes as well pick up from your place in Surabaya. And then from Wonosobo to Dieng Plateau you can book tours from local operator or else, take public bus to Dieng Plateau. In my opinion, you can take bus and stay in Dieng and then in the morning depart for golden sunrise at Sikunir Hill or off course climbing Mount Prau.

Option to stay in Wonosobo:
-If you love to explore and walk yourself you can stay at Dieng Plateau, there are some homestays there with good clean room with hot water.
-If you do not like the cold weather, especially on July August, you can stay in the city which takes about only 40 minutes to Dieng Plateau and you can depart in the morning for sunrise tour in Dieng Plateau area.
-If you want quiet mountain area, you can stay at Kledung area, at Dieng Kledung Pass Hotel. It has an amazing view of Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing and it takes only about 70 minutes to Dieng Plateau. It is a nice place to stay when local farmers grow tobacco on the slope of Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing. You can also explore some hidden view such as Embung Kledung and Posong View Point. If you love hiking, from here you can climb Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing, two of the highest mountains in Java.

Best time to visit;
During July-August , on dry season, as the sky is clear, sunrise is almost good everyday and you can see the area of Dieng Plateau covered by frozen dew, very beautiful.