Hot Water Spring in Bali Island, Indonesia

Bali Island has some natural hot spring to rejuvenate and relax and retreat.

1.Toya Bungkah Natural Hot Spring
This hot spring is well managed by private sectors. There are two places where you can enjoy the spring,Batur Natural Hotspring and Toya Devasya. The water is clear and contains of sulfur. The entrance fees includes: towel, soap, locker and welcome drink. Located at the edge of the famous Batur Lake, the panorama is very relaxing. A stop by to this spring is a good option after hiking Mount Batur or maybe after visiting Trunyan Cemetery. 

2.Angseri Hotspring
This hotspring is located not far from the world heritage site, Jatiluwih Rice Terrace. The water contains of healing sulfur and it has some private pool for family or couple. There are two pools for bathing. The pool in the further end has waterfall, very nice for couple taking picture. 

3.Banjar Hotspring
Located not far from Lovina beach, this is an old hot spring. It has three beautiful pool with dragon engraved stone tap, known as jaladwara. There is a river located nearby the spring. It was first developed by Japanese in the Japanese occupation period. 

  • 4.Penatahan Hotspring
  • Penatahan hotspring or locally known as Yeh Panes Hotspring, Located in Tabanan, the spring is located nearby rice field. The spring itself located at Yeh Panas Temple.  
  1. 5.Belulang Hotspring
  2. Belulang Hotspring is located in Tabanan. To reach the spring, visitor must walk about 200 meters from the parking area. The source of the spring is located in Beji Temple Area, where the worshiper of the temple bath to purify themselves. 
  4. 6.Yeh Sanih Hotspring
  5. This hotspring is very unique that it is located very close to the sea, yet it is 100% fresh water. Balinese believe that if young couple bathing here, they will be together forever. The water is used for Hindu Ritual, and the source of the water is located nearby frangipani tree where Visnu is worshiped.