Jatiluwih, a mesmerizing Rice Terraces a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

Loc ated in  Tabanan Regency, this rice terraces is a popular tourist destination in Bali. The wide beautiful terraces is  very much scenic and breathtaking, in every season. Farmers grow local variety and Ciherang variety. 

Jatiluwih grows organic rice that is sold widely in the island. The rice field in the village consists of 300 ha and consisting of 7 subak. Subak is Bali’s traditional irrigation institution, comprising paddy field owner and cultivators. The varieties grown are on-waxy and waxy local varieties in the rainy season and high-yielding varieties in dry season. Jatiluwih produces also red rice which is well-known in the island and sold for high prices for religious services and private consumption.  Buffaloes were used to field plow in the past but now handrotary tractor is commonly used. Farmers use also Petro Organic fertilizers beside cattle manure. For high-yielding varieties, herbicides are used in addition to manual removal. For harvesting, local varieties are harvested using ani-ani or a rice hand knife which is based on traditional beliefs. While high-yielding varieties are harvested by using sickle. 

Visiting the rice terraces giving us time to enjoy the beauty, hard work, and the culture of the locals. Visitors can also do some short, medium to long walking route. Maps are available to pick any route we want. 

Restaurants are available to enjoy lunch or breakfast with the rice terrace view.