Sedekah Bumi and Rattan Fight in Balekambang Village, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia

Balekambang village located on slope of Mount Penanggungan is not rich for its remnants of past history. The village on its slope also still preserve some traditions, and one of the tradition is Sedekah Bumi, a ritual as grateful gesture to God for good year, good harvest. 

One of the villages is Balekambang, located about 5 minutes drive from Jolotundo spring temple. This year, Sedekah Bumi ritual was held on 2nd May 2018. The villages brought some foods, fruits and other local snacks to the village altar located in the middle of the village. The altar itself has been there for generations. It is made of stones and on the four corner of the altar has poser of one meter height. After the celebration and prayer, the foods can be shared to other village members like in several villages. However in Balekambang, the foods are taken back home. I am not sure if this tradition is altered overtime, and maybe in the past they had meals together around the altar. Even though this tradition is not a  moslem tradition , yet the prayer for the ritual is in Islam. 

Not long after the ritual at the altar,  rattan fight is held. The participants are males. There is a live gamelan playing playful rhythm. There is a male who looks like the referee carrying rice on batik jarik spreading the rice along the fight. Before the fight starts, the rules are read, participants must not be angry after the fight, and must forgive each other after the fight. Participants must not aim to hit head and under the belly. 

The Ojum fight in Balekambang village is quiet unique, that it is not so hostile. The participants dance following the gamelan and fight once,and then dance again like a break. 

Women audience can give some money to the fighters for an appreciation.