Pictures: 8 Temples or Candi in Dieng Plateau, Central Java, Indonesia

Hindu Temple Complex, the oldest Hindu Temples in Indonesia, consists of Candi Semar, Candi Arjuna, Candi Srikandi, Candi Puntadewa, Candi Sembadra.

Gatotkaca Temple is located nearby the Arjuna Temple complex, you can just walk from Arjuna Complex to Gatotkaca complex and visit Kailasa Museum located within walking distance from the temple.

Candi Bima, the biggest temple in Dieng area is very special as it is decorated with kudu statue on its roof. Inside the temple there is a yoni with 3 holes.

Dwarawati is the temple located set apart from another temples, a little bit hidden. The access to the temple is a narrow street passing settlements.