Taman Narmada: The Miniature of Mount Rinjani

Narmada Park was built in the 1723 by Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem who reigned Lombok Island in the past. Narmada name derives from the branch of Gangga river in India. This was built to worship and also as resting place for the king in dry season. 

Local hindu people in the past initially climb Mount Rinjani (3700 m)  to hold Pujawali ritual by giving offerings to gods. As the king got old, and could not again climb Mount Rinjani for Pujawali ritual, he then established this miniature of Mount Rinjani for him to pray. The core of the park is the pond , the symbol of Segare Anak lake the crater of Mount Rinjani.  Now the pond is used as public swimming pool.