Pura Lingsar: Temple of Tolerance, Lombok, Indonesia

Pura Lingsar is the biggest and the oldest temple in Lombok Island, built in the mid 18th Century by King Ketut Karangasem. In the temple complex there are 2 areas, temple for Hindu , Balinese beliefand praying area for Weku Telu Islam, the Sasak Tribe belief

The temple has Balinese Hindu architecture style, as it is built by Balinese king. There is a pond dedicated to Visnu where visitors can make a wish. by throwing coin to the pond. There is a sacred fish lives in the pond which shows itself when is called.

At the Weku Telu area, we can find bathing place which can be used for wudhu or cleaning one self before praying in Islam. 

This temple main event is perang topat  between Hindu and Weku Telu Islam. This ritual is held to show gratefulness to God. In this ritual both sides throwing ketupat (rice in coconut leaf) to each other. This is held rainy season. 

The name of the temple, Lingsar, derives from Ling, which means sound and Sar which means sound of water. This is related how the spring in the area found by an ulema. Until today the date when the spring found is commemorated annually by locals, every the seventh month of Sasak calendar.