Islamic Center Lombok: View Point to see Mataram from above

Lombok is known as halal destination in Indonesia. Moslem will feel convenient here as there are more than thousand of mosques here. The biggest mosque is Islamic Center. 

Islamic Center can be visited also by non Moslem, they can visit the 99 meters high tower and get a look at the surrounding area. From the peak of the tower, 99 meters high, you can see Mount Rinjani, the houses, and the sea. And for sure you can just see many mosques from here. 

For moslem, this Mosque is best place to be visited to Dzhuhur or Ashar or Magrib for prayer and also for panorama view.

Islamic Center was built in 2013, its minaret height, 99 m, was adopten from 99 names of Allah. Islamic center is the icon of Mataram City, and also the center of culture, religious activity, and art market.