Kampong Maspati : Feel The Soul of Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Often i pass this neighborhood and i notice that this kampung is special by the sign in front of the passageway. It says “Kampung Lawas Maspati” or can be translated as “Classical Kampong”. And only few weeks ago i get the opportunity to visit this kampong.

It is located nearby Heroes Monument (Tugu Pahlawan), and yes, it is located in the middle of metropolitan city of Surabaya. According to Mr. Sabar, the kampong headman and initiator of tourism activity here, says that the idea to name it with Kampong Lawas was due to the existence of the kampung since centuries ago. Roving along the passageway of the kampong we will find  some old houses and graves of Mbak Buyut Suruh and  Raden Karyo Sentono and wife. Mbah Buyut Suruh is the founder of  the kampong. The old age of the kampung can also be recognized from some old buildings fused among other new buildings, some of the old houses are abandoned and some still inhabited.

One of the old house here was a Tweede Inlandsce School, or elementary  school during Dutch colonial period, this school was established in villages to eradicate illiteracy. Some other old buildings here are: house of Raden Sumomiharjo and Asri Inn.

Kampong Maspati passageway is not only clean, yet it is also green of potted herb plants and some other plants. They plant: jelly plant, chilly, mahkota dewa, aloe vera  and many more. We approached a plant that we did not know, and the house owner came out and explain to us voluntarily. The locals are very friendly.

The kampong implements waste water management, the water from the process is used to water the plants.

And like other kampongs in Surabaya, you can enjoy sitting , we call it cangkruk, at Warkop (cafeteria) in the passageway. And if you want to try the jelly drink made from their garden produce is also available. It is convenient and feeling laid back sitting at the warkop there as passerby may not ride on their scooter ,  therefore must be pushed when entering the passage way of the kampong.