Rice Terrace on slope of Mt Penanggungan

Even though as a child i was used to play in the middle of rice field or helping my parents planting and nurturing rice fields, i always get mesmerized by rice terrace vista, especially when the terraces create curvy shapes on a high elevation. It is rejuvenating seeing the view.

If you are in Surabaya and would like to see something rice terraces, just travel to slope of Mt Penanggungan. It is located  about 65 KM or about 2 hours drive. The mountain slope is not only rich of remnants of past period but also rich of mesmerizing mountainous panorama. 

Located not far from Jolotundo Bathing Place, you can stop by nearby the road to be amazed by  Mount Penanggungan and Mount Arjuna Welirang. Often Mount Welirang smoked out fume soaring in to the sky.

And at some other place, from the road, you can enjoy the rice terrace.  You can also visit this rice terrace from another angle for photography purpose. Sometimes you will meet locals riding scooter with ball of haystack.

Another rice beautiful rice terrace i saw is located nearby Sumber Tetek Bathing Place, it is just within the walking distance from the bathing place.

All in all, in my opinion that visiting area is worth it. If you have visited Mount Bromo or Malang or Batu as weekend getaway, visiting slope of Mount Penanggungan can be a very good option for a day trip or even weekend getaway.