Han Family Altar House, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesa

Han Family Altar House

Surabaya is indeed has been a magnet for immigrant or traders from overseas in the past, either from Europe, Asia, India and Arab countries. Today there are some evidence can still be seen, especially at the northern part of Surabaya, as the old town of Surabaya.
One of the evidence is Han family altar house located in the Chinatown of Surabaya. This establishment was built in the 1876 by Han Sie Lok, and it was known as Han Sie lok Hian Tjok Biauw. The architecture is very interesting as it adopts Indische Empire style and Chinese style as exterior. Han family initially arrived in Lasem and in China this family was a rich merchant. The descendants moved to Surabaya and involved in business of sugar cane plantation, sugar factory, and weed. Pilars inside the house were imported from Glasgow, the floor is made of marble.

The house has never been renovated. And it is still in good state. Inside the house you can find the original chairs and table and glass. The ceiling is high and open. The doors are made of teak wood, very solid and thick, especially the main door.