Sianok Canyon, Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia

Bukittingi is a beautiful city, rich of hilly landscapes. And the most prominent is Sianok Canyon. This canyon is a narrow valley surrounded by ravine and engraved with the river flow in the middle. The contour was created by the collapse of earth slab, which yielded as a fault of  deep ravines. 

The canyon stretchs over 15 km from the south of Nagari Koto Gadang to Nagari Sianok Enam Suku, with the depth ranges from 100 to 200 m. 

Sianok fault is part of Semangko fault which cuts across Sumatera Island in two long parts horizontally from Aceh to Teluk Semangko in Lampung. Semangko fault location which creatres Bukit Barisan mountains.  Ngarai Siano is the obvious visual of the tectonic fault movement in Sumatarea Island. The process creating a marvelous fertile land and beautiful panorama.  

There are various activities can be done here, such as trekking, walking and cycling. Visitor can also observe the view of the canyon from Panorama Park.