Los Lambuang: A must visit for culinary lover, Bukittinggi, Sumatera, Indonesia

Los Lambuang is located at the upper market of Bukittinggi. Los Lambuang derives from the minang, los means alley and lambuang means stomach, so it means the alley to fill stomach. 

It is where you can find Nasi Kapau, local menu from Bukittinggi. The taste is similar to nasi padang. Nasi Kapau consists of many kinds of menus, from chicken, eggs, beef and fish with vegetable and sambal. The menus are arranged on display table that the clients can choose whatever they want with rice and vegetable and sambal. As in Padang restaurant, you you will be provided a bowl of water to wash hands and a glass of water for free. It is a culture to eat with hands here, yet if you want spoon and fork you can ask. 

There are many stalls to pick for Nasi Kapau in Los Lambuang. However there are many other food you can find here, such as soto, Cindua Langkok  and katupek pical.