Great Wall of Koto Gadang, Bukittinggi, Indonesia


This place of interest imitate the Great Wall of China in simple and smaller size. This was the initiative of local and government to make the stair way more interesting for visitors and for locals to refresh. 

In the past this stairs was already there, since the colonial period and then the locals and govt rebuilt it in 2013. Along the wall, the panorama is beautiful and green. It can be accessed from Panorama Park or from Koto Gadang town. Both places we can see the view of Sianok Canyon, but i think the view from Koto Gadang is more beautiful. 

If you access Great Wall of Koto Gadang via Nagari Koto Gadang, you can also visit silver home industry and weaving. Koto Gadang is also interesting place as it has many old house from the past. If you love architecture you will enjoy passing by the street seeing the houses here.

If having long free time in Bukittinggi, this can be an option to walk from Koto Gadang to Bukittinggi.