Bung Hatta House, Bukittinggi, Indonesia

Bukittinggi is the hometown of Bung Hatta, Indonesia first vice president and also the father of proclamator of Indonesia. Located at the city street, Jalan Soekarno-Hatta No. 37. 

The house has already been renovated in 1994-1995, as per the original design. The original house was collapsed  in 1960s. The house is made  of wood and bamboo. The room where Bung Hatta was born is located at the second floor on the left. The room when he was young is located at the rear part of the house. It has also the original bicycle of his.  The house was opened to public on August 12th 1995, on the birth day of Bung Hatta. 

Next to Bung Hatta’s room is kitchen with typical, yesterday kitchen, when people still cook using woods and you can also find kitchen utensils. The house has horse carriage garage.

Bung Hatta was one of Indonesia’s delegates in Konferensi Meja Bundar in Den Haag, and he was tge first person to announce Indonesian foreign policy : Freedom and Active, which becomes the base of current policy of Indonesia.

He was born on 12 August 1902 from Mr H Muhammad Djamil and Saleha. He lived in this house from 1902 till 1913. Though he lived relatively short time in this house yet, it shaped his character, especially by the discipline, punctuality, hubmleness and love from his grand father, Haji Marah, who was a freelance post office contractor. 

Bung Hatta studied in elementary school in Bukittinggi, Europese Lagere School (ELS), and then continued to Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs (MULO) and then went to Prins Hendrik School (PHS) in Batavia. He then continued education to Handels Hooge School in Rotterdam from 1921 till 1932. 

He was an activist since he was at school. He established Jong Sumateraned Bond in Padang and Batavia, Perhimpunan Indonesia in Holland and Pendidikan Nasional Indonesia. He was exiled to Digul, Bandaneira and Bangka. 

Visiting this house is not merely seeing the personal life and his career and achievement , yet also see the local architecture.