Bukittinggi Zoo and Fort De Kock, Indonesia

Bukittinggi Zoo is the oldest zoo in Indonesia. It was built by the Dutch in the 1900. It has animals from the eastern of Indonesia as it exchange with Surabaya Zoo. The official name of this zoo is Taman Margasatwa dan Budaya Kinantan. And as its name, it does not only has animals, yet also Minangkabau traditional house where visitors can see the old collections and see the architecture of the house and also take a picture in traditional  costume. 

The zoo is connected by a bridge called Limpapeh Bridge, to Fort de Kock. Fort de Kock was established in the the midst of 19th Century as defense fortress against Minangkabau attact during Paderi war.  Taking the advantage of local conflicts, the Dutch was on the side of Minangkabau aristocrats and suppressed the religious people. As it was built by  Captain Bauer, when Governor Hendrik Merkus Baron de Kock reigned and as well as the Military commander.