Sunset at Embung Nglanggeran (Retention Basin), Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta

Late afternoon in Yogyakarta usually is popular with seeing sunset at Prambanan Temple or Ratu Boko Temple or Parangtritis area. But actually there are other places we can see to enjoy sunset. As a sunset lover, and yes i do love seeing sunset more than sunrise, this time i went to Nglanggeran with a friend.

Nglanggeran is located in Gunungkidul Regency and it take s about 1 hour drive from  Yogyakarta City. It was actually a sudden plan, as i remember i met the amazing local young man , Mas Sugeng, who pioneered to develop the area of Nglanggeran for its potentials for tourism.

If you love trekking, you can do the trekking option to the peak of Gunung Api Purba (ancient volcano), passing some nice vista of mountain through big ancient lava rocks, which reminds me of The Flintstones.  If you are willing to reach the peak please be prepared with stamina, i find it a difficult for someone who rarely work out. If you do not want to reach the peak which takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, you can only reach the first view point which taes baout 30 minutes walk.  The hike will be much more informative and enriching if you have local guide with you.  I myself do not climb to the peak, as i was not ready for the hike. But the view from the peak must be  mesmerizing as we can see the water retention as well.

We then visit chocolate home industry end enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at Griya Coklat, located just about 2 km  from Nglanggeran ticket box.

About 3 km from  Griya Coklat, located the retention basin, which i like very much.  It is recommended to visit on weekdays as it is quiet and serene.  I love the view of the water with green mountains in a far. And on the west, yessss, a sun which set slowly.