Sipiso piso Waterfall, North Sumatera

This waterfall is located not far from Tongging Village, on the 800 m latitude, surrounded by pine forest.  The waterfall height is about 120 m ans has been popular among domestic and foreign travelers.

Before heading to the waterfall you can overlook the waterfall from a view point located on top of a hill, with Karo land as the background, and aslo you can see the exotic Samosir island in the middle of Lake Toba. Afterwards  you can proceed your trip to the waterfall along slope. The trek is easy, there are stairs built for visitors. Total trekking would be about 1 hour. Along the trek you can stop by at some scenic places of Lake Toba. Arrival at the lake you can enjoy the music of the walling water, pine trees and maybe lunch you carry.


If you are from Medan, you can take bus or rent car to Kabanjahe Town, about 2 hours drive. And from Kabanjahe to the waterfall location is about 24 km or can be reached within 30 minutes drive.