Dua Warna (Two Colors Waterfall ) , North Sumatera

Dua Warna Waterfall or literally means Two-Colors Waterfall, also has other name: Telaga Bitu Waterfall. It is located on 1475m latitude and its height is about 75m falling at the upstream of Sinembah River and was formed by the eruption of Mt Sibayak, hundreds years ago.

The waterfalls have two colors, blue color with cold clear water with a mossy cliff. While the other one  has clear transparent water, and warm.  Both waterfalls are separated by smaller waterfalls decorating the cliff.

The access to the waterfall is challenging, and can not be accessed through river, as there are rocks covered in moss which blocks the possible path. The only way is by climbing hill slope passing forest of Mt Sibayak for 3 hours.