2017 Review

Niamh Hulgraine from Ireland on 23 October 2017 about Mt Bromo Day Tour
Taufiq was a really good guide, he took care of us well and was able to tell some storied about Bromo. We really enjoyed the day.

Gloria Tan from Hongkong on 19 October 2017 about Bromo Tour
Amazing Mt Bromo. Nice and friendly guide and driver.

Michelle Florijn from The Netherlands about Bromo Ijen Tour on 17 October 2017
Price relatively high. Thank you for the nice trip.

Muhammad Taha from Singapore about Arjuna Hiking via Tretes, on 17 October 2017
Fullfiling trip. As for experience hiking in Arjuna the ground is very rocky this may not be proper place to hike. I am very happy with the hiking guide team.

Mr Azhar from Singapore on 16 October about Mt Arjuna Hiking Tour
Overall very satisfied with the trip. Feedback to have: more daily water supply.

Janine from Switzerland on 13 October 2017 about Bali to Java Tour
All well organized, driver always on time, Beautiful, Lovely!!

Foster Chang from Hongkong on 8 October 2017 about Java Overland Tour 8 Days 7 Nights
Ahmad is very friendly and accommodating, he understands our needs and is flexible on the itinerary.

Julie from France about Java Overland Tour, on 4 October 2017
The entire trip was well organized. Everything went smoothly. As piece of advise: give more detail on the planning. But it was a really good trip with a really good driver. Thank you very much. We recommend.


Adrien Castagne from France on 7 Oct about Bromo Ijen Tour
A trip nice to be done at least once.


William Northington from Singapore on 7 Oct 2017 about Bromo Day Tour
Great. Friendly, Knowledgeable, Personable Guide. Will recommend to our friends.


Arnaud and Alex from France on 4 October 2017 about Bromo Midnight Tour
Thank You for very quick response by Whatsapp. The punctuality was really good and all the trip was really good! Thanks for this experience at Bromo.


Benjamin FLux from United Kingdom on 20 September 2017
Good trip and brilliantly  looked after! Thank You.


Cristina (5 September about Mt Merapi Hike)
Hello Dwi,
It was great, thank you for helping me organise it. The guide, although our communication was limited, was fantastic, and so was your driver.
The weather, too, was on our favour and we had a dry night and a beautiful clear sky for sunrise.
Thanks again for your time, patience, and help. I would not hesitate recommending your agency to anyone asking.
All the best,


Jean Frederic , (11 August about Bromo Ijen Tour)
Hi Dwi,
Just want to say a big thank you for that great experience. Everything was great. You have a really good crew. Thank to our guide Arif Purnawan, he’s a really good man. Always smily and friendly. He know what he’s doing. And thanks to our driver Moyok, he made our trip safe and confortable.
If I know people that coming to Indonesia for vacation, I will definitely recommend you and your crew.
Thank you again and continue your great work!
Have a nice day


William from Singapore (4 Sept 2017 about Bromo Ijen Malang Tour)
We liked it very much. Both the driver and guide have helped us alot. We really enjoyed this trip

Zorko Gorseta from Slovenia ( 4 Sept 2017 about Bromo Tour)
A very nice trip and the whole experience of Bromo was superb. Thank You.


Ms Lucy Luo from Singapore (4 September 2017 about Bromo Ijen , East Java Tour)
Our guide has been extremely helpful and friendly. The tour is well-organized and he made the tour very enjoyable. Would go on another tour with him 🙂


Ms. Shikha Narang from India (3 September 2017 about East Java /Bromo Ijen Tour)
This is by far the best experience of a packaged trip. The attitude and behaviour of Nur and Erwin was amazing. They were well behaved and warm. Thanks for giving this beautiful experience, We will definitely make another trip and take your services. You surely will get a lot of recommendations from us.


Abraham from India (3 August 2017) About Yogyakarta Tour
Very nice and timely, very helpful. Thank You it was a very nice trip.


David Schumberg from Germany (31 August 2017 about Bromo Tour)
A well organized trip to Bromo. No Problems.


Jason Kang from Malaysia (17 August 2017, about -East Java-Central Java Overland Tour)
We enjoy the trip. As young tourist like us more prefer adventure trip. Normally we are not so interest about museum, unless the museum resenr something really mean for this country/history. Conclusion, thank you we enjoyed our trip.  And tour guide can get us good photo too.


Manoj Kalia from Malaysia (15 August 2017, about Java Overland Tour)


Mayuresh Patel and Navraj  from United Kingdom ( 21 August 2017 About Java Overland from Bali)
Thank You for a wonderful trip and for accommodating our trip of Java in 6 days and covering over 1000 KM. The drivers were both really good and enjoyable and the guides were really well informed and give really good advice and brought good humour.  Thank You for taking us on this amazing journey of Java and seeing all the hot spots. Terima Kasih

Great Tours. All planned activities were carried out. Zero troubles. We had fun. Thank You

Lucy Li from United States about Java Overland from Bali on 8 August 2017
Marwan is our tour guide and driver. He managed the trip by himself very well. I can imagine it is a tiring trip, day and night. But he has been very polite and patient. Thanks for the services. We enjoyed it.

Wiwid is good and professional and honest. But you must arrange English speaking driver for foreigners. Thank You, Wiwid.


Shaw Lin
We have an enjoyable trip. Traffic was horrendous , adding 30% of the time to our Journey. The program outlined impossible to follow. The guide and driver adapted nicely.



Enrico from Italy on July 2017 about Java Overland starts from Bali
Dear Dwi,

I’m writing from Italy, where we arrived yesterday after a long flight back.

The reason I’m writing to you is to let you know that we fell satisied with your organization of the escursions in Java. Everything went well and all your promises, included in the plan, were satisfied. The only thing we didn’t do was to go down the Ijen volcano to see the blue flames because my girlfriend was too tired and the shoes we were wearing weren’t suitable for that path, it was too dangerous so we gave up. But that was our decision.

In particular I believe that Gaby was, despite her young age, very professional, attentive, willing to satisfy all our neeeds and wishes and making us always feel safe. She made the difference also by talking to us and telling us so many interesting things about contemporary Indonesia.
The driver, rare thing in Indonesia, was prudent and cooperative too.
So thank you for the opportunity you gave us.
Best regards

Enrico e Patrizia


Sheren from Malaysia for East Java Tour
Good service. Nice Trip. Appreciate all the services. Driver is nice, kind and friendly. We like his service very much. Definitely will introduce to our friend.


Simon Barry from Canada for Yogyakarta and Central Java Tour
I have wonderful time in Yogyakarta. Saw a lot of things in little time which was my goal. Firdaus and Ahmad were nice and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have a good stay in Yogya.


Simon Barry from Canada for EAST JAVA TOUR
All Was good. Taufiq and Zanu were excellent. ONe comment though, the choice of hotel for Gn Ijen was not very very good. Too luxurious for the time spent there and practically it would have been better to be closer to the guide and driver.


Jane from Taiwan
Thanks for the wonderful service provided by guide and driver. You are both so amazing and patient. The guide provide so much information and driver driver very stable. We will remember this fantastic trip


Iacopo Blanc from Italy
Beautiful! Thank You so much. Driver fantastic.


Ellen Ryan from Ireland (3 June 2017 about Mt Prau-Dieng-Borobudur Tour)
Wow amazing we has Ahmad. He is the best tour guide ever, so helpful and fun. All the other tour guides were also excellent and the whole tour was very well organized, Thanks


Jessica- Tour Guide and driver are friendly. Very good. Appreciate them. Thank You.

Mr. Shunxiang (from Singapore)
We are happy to have Anas as our tour guide. He is very comfortable, professional and flexible. I Believe he a wonderful guide for everyone. The driver namely Ari is very professional and drive safe. He is a kind hearten man also.


Mr Syahrul (From Singapore)
Good service by guide Mr Anas and driver Mr Rudy


Kerstin Boettger (From Germany)
It was a great trip! Thanks alot!! Our Pleasure to meet you.


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