Jam Gadang, The Great Clock of Bukittinggi, Indonesia

The Great Clock of locally known as Jam Gadang was erected by East Indies Government when Queen Wilhelmina reigned. The clock was a gift for the secretary of Bukittinggi at that period HR Rookmaaker. 

The architect of the tower is a Minangkabau, Jazid Mangkuto Sutan Gigi Ameh. The construction finished in 1926. The monument is 26 meters high as the zero point of Bukittinggi. The material used are: limestone, white egg and sand. 

The Great Clock has for floors. First floor is for the staff, the second floor is where the ballast pendulum located, the third floor is the room for the machine and the fourth floos is the peak where the bell located. At the peak of the tower, written the name of the clock producer. 

In the Japanese occupation in 1942, The Great Clock was rebuilt in Japanese architecture and after Indonesia Independence day, the roof is then changed with Bagonjong Minangkabau style. 

The machine of the clock is a very rare piece produced by Vortmann Recklinghausen, Germany and there were only two in the worl. The other type was used for London’s Big Ben. The machine works mechanically by two pendulums and it works without any energy source. 

All the number of the clock is in rome and the unique thing is that the number 4 is no IV but IIII.