Tado Village, Flores : Where you can find true hospitality.

Tado is located not far from Labuan Bajo, only about 45 minutes’ drive.  Though this village is unlike Wae Rebo in term of original housing architecture and landscape, yet this village is very unique.

The locals has some interesting things offered for visitors such as traditional medicine, traditional oil light, pandan weaving, bamboo basket, ancestral spiderweb rice field.

Houses in tado do not use reed as roof anymore due to its shortage. Though using tin roof, they still maintain using bamboo wall. Usually every house has mango  and  cashew tree.

Arrival in the village visitors will be accepted by locals, and hand over white cock to the locals representative. At night visitors can have dinner outside under the moon and starts with traditional oil light made of kapok and hazelnut oil. And local snack is served, called songkol, made of cassava, coconut and red sugar.

Lingko or ancestral spiderweb ride field is located not far from the village. You can see the spider web formation from up the hill, called Golowesa. It takes about 1 hour trek to the view point. Enroute local guide will tell about trees in the forest used for medicine or even for vegetables.  Tado is known for its medicine, and one of the most popular is appendix cure. Trekking is best to do before 6 am when the weather is still mild.

Visitors can stay overnight at homestay, local family houses which are already prepared for visitors. There are about 10 families can accept guest. The room is comfy enough equipped with mosquito’s net.

Locals make pandan weaving such as mat and hat, earthen wares, teak serving spoon, traditional insects repellent,  palm fiber ropes.
Currently the village generates electricity from solar panel.