2015 Review

Nadia from Spain
-Siane is very responsible, she makes our trip more entertainment.
-We have been very secure in our transportation and the driver, Feri is very friendly
-About the trip is difficult to improve. Bromo and Ijen are amazing

Alex Ruan from USA
Very prompt, easy trip to book, highly reccommended

The Guide is very helpful and very knowledgeable. The driver did an amazing job especially in the traffic.

Ms. Foong Lye Fun Annabel from Singapore (date: 09 June 2015)
We enjoyed the people, the sights and experience.
Its a short trip but the impact is great.
Thank you for everything

Alex Tristram from UK
We had the best tour guide ; ANAS!

Maharani Putri from Indonesia (date: 24 May 2015)
Bromo indah sekali dengan pengetahuan dari guide kami dapat mengambil foto di tempat yang bagus dan yang terutama acara yang terorganisir membuat kami sangat nyaman dan menyenangkan. Sangat puas dengan guide , driver (travel & hardtop), sangat menyenangkan.

Ms. Syuhaida from Singapore (date: 10 June 2015)
The guide (fidel) and driver (slamet) are very friendly and helpful throughout the trip. We enjoyed the trip thoroughly.

Mr. Alessandro Caiusi from Italy (July 2015)

Ms Syarina Zakaria from Malaysia (date: 12 december 2015)
Day 1: Drive was tiring buy Ijen was magical
Day 2: Drive was also far but Bromo and Pekalen River was great
Day 3: Malang hotel was not so good though
Overall, credit to Pak Novi and the guide.
Ijen + Bromo + Pekalen Rafting 5 Star attractive.

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