Jaladara : Classic Steam Train, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

Surakarta government launched the operation of Jaladara classic train. The train has steam locomotive made in German C-1218 in 1893 and the two coaches are made in Holland , a TR 144 and TR 16 made from teak in 1909.

The train has been in operation since 27 Sept 2009. Locally known as Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara, the train passing the heart of Surakarta city. The railway was used as track of Sultan carriage and tram transporting Caucasian people (Dutch). This track 5.6 km long from Purwosari Station to Station in Sangkrah.

Riding on the classic train will take you back to the past. Purwosari Station, the starting point is a historical building in the period of Mangkunegara IV. From there passing Purwosari villages and Jalan Slamet Riyadi via a turning railway. The next stop is Loji Gandrung located in Penumping area. Loji Gandrung is also an old building which is functioned as city mayor house, built by Jensen an ex Dutch Indies soldier which later became the tycoon of coffee in Java. Afterwards train moves eastward passing Sriwedari Park, which was known as the garden of king and then proceed to Kampung Batik Kauman the center of Surakarta souvenirs. Here passengers also have the change to see the making of batik painting. Afterwards train will end its trip and finish at Sangkrah Station. Sangkrah Station was built in 1922 by NISM.

Jaladata train was introduced by Jokowi, the former mayor of Surakarta and it was launched in 2009. As it is old, it can only make maximum 8 trips per month. For PT KAI, Indonesian Railway, operating this vintage train is a challenge as it takes 4 cubics meters of wood for 6 km trip.

Not only tourist can ride this train but also local people. Currently the maximum capacity of this train is 80 passengers.