Glass Beads from Jombang, East Java, Indonesia

Gudo, is located about 11 kilometers from Jombang city. Since year 2000 it is popular as the center of beads handicrafts. Along the streets you can find kiosk selling necklaces and bracelet is tempting colors and design of beads.

Beads is made of glass waste. The method is bu coloring the glass and then heated 700 to 800 deg C.

Beads of Gudo is affordable. The beads are various resembles kiffa beads from Africa, Islamic Beads from Persia, Borneo, Multisalah and Sevron beads. The price ranges from 10,000 to 90,000 rupiahs.  Beside enjoying shopping, you can also enjoying the neighborhood, as this area is located nearby rice field.