1 January
Rebo Pungkasan
Bendung kayangan, Pendworejo, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo.

Rebo Pungkasan is a traditional celebration held by community living around bendung kayangan (river/dam) at Pendoworejo, Girimulyo, Kulonprogo every last wednesday on Javanese month of Sapar. This ceremony is an expression of gratitude to God.

3-5 January
Clothing Expo : The Parade 2014
Grand Bima Hall, JEC

1-6 January
Fashion Bazaar
mandala Bhaki Wanitatama

7 January
Miyos Gangsa (Sekaten Day1)

11 Janury
Numplak Wajik

13 january
Kondur Gongso Ritual

14 January
Grebeg Maulud Ritual


1-5 February
Computer Exhibition ANYE 2014
Grand Bima Hall, JEC Yogyakarta

14-26 February
Business Expo Mandala Bhakti Wanitatama

23-24 February
Conference and Expo
Jogja Expo Center

Tionghoa Cultural Week
Chinese New Year @ Ketandan Area, Malioboro


1-5 March
Kids and gadget Expo

8-12 March
Computer Exhibition MBC 2014
Grand Bima BEC

March 14-16
Indie Clothing Fest 2014

March 19-26
Jogja Book Fair
Mandala Bhakti Wanitatama

March 23
Melasti Ritual

March 30
Tawur Agung Ritual

APRIL 2014

22 April
PASTY Anniversary
Birds Chirping Contest, Kiosk Cleanliness Contest.
Contact : +62 274-413474

24-26 April
Pantomime Performance
At Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Contact : +62 274-523512

Johja Bike Rendezvous
Jogja Expo Center
Contact : _628122692200 (Nur Satwiko)

Coding Anniversary Exhibition
Sandi Museum Kotabaru

All Night Shadow Puppet Show
Tembi Rumah Budaya
Contact : +6274-368000


1-31 May
St Marrie Pilgrimage
St Marrie Cave Sendangsono, Kulonprogo

9-12 May
Food and Tourist Destination Exhibition
Bima hall JEC

7-9 May 2014
Karawitan Orchestra Performances

10-11 may
Djarum Black Autograph
Bima Hall B&C

15 May
Annyversary of Sleman Regency
Denggug field, Tridadi, Sleman
The ceremony is aimed to commemorate the founding of Sleman district administration by wearing Javanese traditional clothes and bregodo soldiers who escorting the carnival of heirloom spear Kiai Turun Sih and pennants of Sleman districts.

16 May
Mbah Bregas
Ngino, Margo Agung, Seyengan. It is a gratitude ritual for the struggle of Mbah Bregas to create prosperous society.

19-20 May
Bekti Pertiwi & Pisungsung Jaladri Ceremony.
A gratitude to God for the safety and good health, held in Pendapa Parangtritis.

19 May
Bersih Desa
It is a form of gratitude with parade and kenduri.

22-24 May
Tembi Rumah Budaya
Tembi Music festival

30 May
Labuhan Keraton Ngayogyakarta
Held on 30th rejeb or Friday at 08.00 am in Parangkusumo, Parangtritis.

30-31 May
Labuhan Merapi Ritual

JUNE 2014

7-11 June
Computer Exhibition @ JEC

16 June
Traditional Ceremony of Kupatan Jolosutro
This ceremony is an expression of gratitude to God for the blessings of agricultural products as well as a prayer for a blessing for the next years. The ritual is prayer for The Prophet, Sunan Geseng and acnestors held in Ruwah at Jolosutro Field, Srimulyo, Piyungan.

17 June
Jogja Fashion Week

21-22 June
Gathering Classing Auto Fest

23 June
Nyadran Makam Sewu Bantul

27 June
Tuk Sri Bedug
Held on Friday Pahing in Mranggen Village, Margodadi, Seyengan, Sleman. This is intended to honor Sunan Kalijaga in spreading Islam. This spring was emerged when Sunan Kalijaga plug his stick to the ground.

Nyadran Agung Ceremony
@ Kulon progo, Wates.
Contact : 0274-773095

Jogjakarta Offroad Challenge
081 229 665 05