The Third Ceremony of Java Sea Battle Commemoration on Sea Location

2014 De Ruyter Commemoration

On February 27th 2014, the ceremony to commemorate battle in Java Sea is undertaken again. This is the 3rd sea-location ceremony where Hr. Ms. De Ruyter, one of Dutch Indies ships, sank with its crews including the commander, Admiral Karel Doorman.  The sea location,  06’00’ S.W/ 112’05’ EL, is located 60 KM away from Bawean Island.

On  February  27th 1942, the Allies and The Japanese were involved in a battle in Java Sea.  The Dutch Indies suffered great lost as its three ships : De Ruyter, Kortenaer dan De Java,  sunk by The Japanese attack. More than 900 of Dutch and Allies sailors died in this battle. Each year this date is commemorated with ceremony by the Dutch in Kembang Kuning cemetary.

This year, as in 2012, the ceremony is held on Bahari Express 1 C. The ceremony is held for one hour from 15.00 to 16.00. It is opened by Mr. Joop Nahuijsen, the Chairman of V.O.N, the second son of Mr. Antonie Nahuijsen, the navy telegraphist of Hr. Ms. De Ruyter. Afterwards there are speech by other persons on board such as:  Mr. Karel Jacob Ottens, Mr.Nanang Purwono (rep of journalist), Ms. Muzayana (rep. Bawean Island).

Mr. Karel Ottens from The Netherlands says that the history could encourage peace among nations. History is very precious to remember the struggle of our ancestors.

Mr. Nanang Purwono who has been joining the ceremony for 3 years respectively conveyed that this event brings peace message. And he hopes that this event could encourage tourism in Bawean Island.

The ceremony then continued by throwing flower wrath to Java Sea where Hr. Ms. De Ruyter sank.

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