Agrobusiness in East Java, Indonesia

East Java has many agriculture potentials. Fine below list. Inform us if you need further information for trip there.
1) Potato
2) Grape
Located in Probolinggo there is a vineyard managed by Indonesian Research and Development Body. The history of grape in this area started in 1989 when Hj Mohammad Ali from Mangunhardjo village went back home from his pilgrimage to Mecca and brough grape seed back home. The vine was planted as ornamental plants and then flourished as economically valuable plant. In 1935, an advocacy company, Maatschappelijk Voor Werklozen Bedrijf, was formed. This body then managed 2 hectares vineyard in Kebonsari and 0.25 hectares in Sukabumi. This company evolved well and brought in grape seeds from Australia, France, and Italy. The grapes were good quality and produced in large amount that they were exported to Holland.

Currently there ware few hybridization kinds in Probolinggo, such as kardinal, kediri super, prabu bestari. The demand is 1 tons each harvest but they produce 2 kwintal.

3) Pomelo
Pomelo or Citrus maxima is an important commodity in Magetan, East Java, Indonesia. There are 4 districts grow this fruit: Bendo, Takeran, Sukomoro and Kawedanan. Not all land in the districts can grow pomelo. The pomelo peel can be used as candy. The hoem industry of pomelo candy can be seen in Duwet Village, Bendo District. The plantation is located about 30 minutes from magetan city center.

4) Apple

5) Strawberry
6) Rice Paddy
7) Rambutan
8) Manggo
9) Starfruit
10) Dragon Fruit
11) Orchid
12) Watermelon