Yesteryear Candy which is still loved until today, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Not only syrup and soya bean factory from colonial period can be found in Surabaya. There is a yesteryear candy factory which still exist in Surabaya. The location is inside small isle on the north of Surabaya. Pabrik Kembang Gula Canada, was erected on may 20th 1956. A metal plate on the wall showed the history of this family industry which is now third generation runs it. The founder of the factory was Ho Sek Po and then continued by his predecessor, Mr Adi Hermanto. This factory has two main products : Vanille Nougat and Coconut Candy. The process was learned autodeductly  by the founder and handed down from generation to generation.

Nougat derives from Dutch means peanut. Peanut grinded and then cooked as caramel. The inside is various from pistachio, almond, hazelnut, and dry fruits. The texures are verious as well, ranges from rough to soft depends on the ingredient. Its color can be various too. White nougat is made of eggwhite and the brown one is made of sugar caramel. In order to avoid sticky on cramel, the it was grinded again that peanut will be broken to smaller grain, this traditional candy called Nougat is originally from France.

Generally, there are two kinds of nougats: White and Brown. The white nougats is made of eggwhite which is mixed while the brown nougat (French : Nougatine) is made of sugar caramel and has rough texture and dry. Italian called nougat with Torrone while Spanish call it Turron.

Nougat made in Canada uses natural ingredients such as sugar, peanut, eggwhite, water, margarine, vanilla, and milk. The factory still uses the same receipe as the first generation and they do not use essens or preservative.

The coconut candy is still made traditionally as it is still small industry until today. In the past, eveything was processed and done manually, yet now few has used dynamo. The factory operational hours is everyday from 7.00 to 17.00. The candy is made of cocout, as its name. Old coconut is peeled and then shredded using machine, and then the shredded coconut is squeezed to get thick coconut water. Coconut water then cooked with sugar until its ready to mold.  The women workers then wrap the candy which is already molded and everyday they can wrap until 1 tons candy.