Gili Island, Gresik, East Java, Indonesia

Gili Island is one of 13 islands owned Gresik. With an area of approximately 2017 hectares, the island is filled with 400 houses with a population of 1280 inhabitants. The main livelihood of the population here as fishing.
To reach this island travelers must take a boat from the village of Sidogedungbatu.

Gili is actually the name of a local village. Eight RT in Gili entry Sidogedungbatu Village area under Sub Sangkapura, Gresik regency, located about 125 kilometers from the Port of Gresik. The island has sea products like lobsters, groupers, pearl, and sea cucumber has a nature that is still clean, hill located in the west still looks green, there is no illegal logging and mangrove forests are still awake. Sea water so clear we could see making the sea floor with the naked eye
The Island is still  unspoiled by electricity. The diesel engine is the only power here. There are 3 diesel engine that only turns starting at 6 pm until 10 pm. You can go round the island easily by walking.

The sea around the island of Gili abundant coral reefs with colorful fish. As background potential of this object is:
1. Beautiful beach is a tourist attraction that is very attractive to many tourists to visit the unique character of each beach.
2. Object location is just 10 KM from Port Sangkapura Bawean as the entrance to the island of Bawean make this object may be an option for tourists to visit based on the distance
3. Texture fine sand beaches safe enough for bare feet tourists.
4. Noko existence of which is uninhabited desert island that can be used as a sunbathing area for foreign tourists without having much contact with people Bawean.

Sea transport links between the island of Gili Island Bawean, served from Labuan beach, near Pamona Sidogedungbatu. It took over 30 minutes to cruise by rising Kelotok (fishing boat). Every day there are 2 boats serving transportation purposes Bawean Island -Gili Island