“Sura dira jayaningrat lebur dening pangastuti” is a javanese expression which means bravery, power and authority ccould be defeated by love. Greed and savages disollved by patience and compassion. This expression is one of phrase in Pupuh Kinanthi is Serat Witaradya written by R Ngabehi Ranggawarsita (1802-1873), poet of Kasunanan Surakarta which tells about R Citrasoma, the son of King Aji Pamasa in Witaradya.

Here is Pupuh Kinanthi:
(1) Jagra angkara winangun; (2) Sudira marjayeng westhi; (3) Puwara kasub kawasa; (4) Sastraning jro Wedha muni*); (5) Sura dira jayaningrat; (6) Lebur dening pangastuti
*)sometimes it is written with Wasita jro dening pangastuti.

According to the translation of Bausastra Jawa, Poerwadarminta, 1939 :
(1) Jagra : wake up (means ‘open the eyes’), Angkara: evil, Winangun: realized.
(2) Sudira: Very brave, Marjayeng: Win in (prevail), Westhi : Danger
(3) Puwara : The end, final,Kasub ; popular, Kawasa : Authority/power
(4) Sastra: Writing, letter, cooks, Jro: Inside, Wedha : KNowledge, books, Muni : speak
(5) Sura: Brave, Dira: Strong, Jaya: Win, Ningrat: Royal, Nobel, but, NIng: In/at/on, Rat: world/Universe
(6) Lebur : Destroyed, Dening : by, Pangastuti: kindness.
Or the translation is: People who are so brave and their power could not be deafeated, finally could not handle the power and in them grow greed/savage, according to books of knowledge, greed/savage can be defeated by kindness.

Below is the story in Serat Wiraradya, which supports the expression:

Once upon atime, there was a royal prince who fell in love with the wife of Tumenggung Suralathi, Nyai Pamekas who was similar to his age. This woman was not only beautiful physically  yet also  has a noble heart. He was so in love with Nyai Pamekas, that one day when Ki Tumenggung was working, He came to Nyai Panekas who was all alone and told her how he felt about her. With polit soft words and friendly, Nyai Pamekas tried to make Prince Citrasoma realize that this was not the attitute of a ksatria and breaking norms, yet the prince was stuborn. Nyai Pamekas tried to spin out time and warned him that there were people nearby them who could see what He was about to do except if He made them all sleeping with his power. As the prince was powerful, he then made people slept. When everyone was sleeping, Nyai Pamekas warned him again that there were 2 people who were not sleeping yet, Nyai Pamekas herself and Prince Citrasoma. And there is God who can see everything. The Prince realized then apologize and went home. Nyai Pamekas could handle evil intention without violence. Maybe if it was fought with violence, the ending would not be good. Gentleness and patience could melt violence.

Approaching the end of Bharatayuda, Yudistira was tasked to fight against King Salya who was powerful and had special gift called as Candrabirawa. Candrabiwara was a giant and if he was killed he could live again and event multipled himself. Bima and Harjuna were so overwhelmed. They hit with club, they shot with archery, but it was not killed instead of multiplying himself. Finally Candrabirawa was face to face with Yudistira, who had white blood and he was never be raged in a war. Candrabirawa was not fought by him, even just let him. Finally, Candrabirawa giants return to the master.

Can Take Over The World
Suave people are often considered as weak people, that there are people tend to showe power, exhibiting the power manifestated in evil deed. They forget that giving pangastuti could melt sura dira jaya ning rat. In Serat Witaradya, Pupuh Kinanti R Ng Ranggawarsita explains that human who can control the greed are:1. Ring janma di kang winangun, 2. Kumenyar Wimbaning rawi, 3. Prabangkara dumipeng rat, 4. Menang kang sarwa dumadi. 5. Ambek santa paramarta, 6. Puwara anyakrawati.

Here is the translation according to Bausastra Jawa, Poerwadarminta, 1939:

(1) Ring (Maring; towards, to); Janma: human; Di (Adi: good); Kang: That, which; Winangun: Arranged; (2)Kumenyar: radiance; Wimba: are/is like; Rawi: The Sun(3) Prabangkara: The Sun ; Dumipeng: up to ; Rat: World/Universe (4) Menang: Defeat; Kang: who, that, which; sarwa:  completely; Dumadi: all living things(5) Ambek: Nature; Santa: patient; Paramarta: Wise (6): Puwara: Finally ; Anyakrawati: Rule
The whole translation:
Prime peple who can control evilish greed, radiant like the sunlight, the light lightens up the world, dominating the world, the character is patient, just and wise, finally can take over the world.