Yogyakarta Calendar of Events 2013

January 6 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Saparan Joyokusumo
Saparan Joyokusumo is traditional thanksgiving held by the community of Kalirejo village for the prosperity of the people. The ceremony is usually carried out in the complex of Prince Joyokusumo’s graveyard.

January 8 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Rebo Pungkasan Bantul
The local people of Wonokromo, in Pleret subdistrict of Bantul, hold a traditional rite expected to reject any disease and other calamities, and purposed to thank God for His mercy. The people plan to hold it on Tuesday night.

January 17 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Saparan Kalibuko 
Saparan Kalibuko is a traditional celebration held by the people of Kalirejo, Kakap, Kulonprogo. This ceremony relates to the pilgrimage story of Sunan Kalijaga and his followers when the spread Islam at Kulon Progo. In that pilgrimage moment they took a rest in Kalirejo and ate together as a pray for the prosperity of the community.

February 20 2013, Traditoinal Ceremony of Merti Dusun Dodogan
The local people of Dodogan will probably perform a thanksgiving ritual on Wednesday, 20 February 2013, in Dlingo subdistrict of Bantul. Starting with communal prayer in the house of the village’s chief, the procession of jodhag (the parade of bamboo stretchers holding the offering) proceeds to the local pond called Sendang Ayu where the offering is eventually given away to the crowd. This event ends wuth kenduri (ritual meal).

February 20-24 2013, Cultural Week Tionghoa
PBTY implemented Ketandan region that is location not far from Malioboro Yogyakarta within the framework of the Chinese New Year.

March 18 2013, Hindu Ceremony of Melasti
Hindu people celebrate Melasti by a Hindu prayer and offering disposal floated to the sea. It is purposed to develop the human relationship harmony and the inter-religion tolerance, to revive the attitude of oneself-control, and to develop the service to bath the religion and the country, they will perform this rite on Monday, 18 March 2013 in Parangkusuma beach of Parangtritis, in Kretek subdistrict of Bantul at about 1 a.m
March 5 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Ngalangi (Sedekah Laut)
Alms ceremony is a procession lifted ngalangi sea fish by using gawar wawar made from tree roots that spread nets anchored as Kedungwok hill and driven together into the sea by the local community. Wediombo beach, Village Jepitu, District Girisubo.

March 11 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Nyepi (Tawur Agung)
Supreme Tawur a ceremony to welcome Nyepi Day or New Year Saka. The procession begins with the Tawur Supreme Kesangan mendak tirta and circumambulation ceremony in the temple of Brahma, Wisnu, and Shiva in the complex temple of Prambanan. In this ceremony there will be a colossal dance performance and ogah-ogah. Held on March 11 2013 in Yogyakarta Prambanan Temple Complex.

April 27 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Merti Dusun Krebet
The ritual of Merty Dusun of Krebet constitutes a thanksgiving ceremony to thank God for His favor of good harvest, and from their life delivered from calamity. It is usually held on Saturday Legi in thre month of Jumadilakir. It will be held on 27 April 2013.

May 1-31 2013, Pilgrimage Goa Maria
The month of May is considered as the month for devotional tradition subjected to honor Mother Marry by Catholic believers. During this month Goa Maria Sendangsono, in Banjaroya, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo is usually visited by thousands of pilgrimages especially Chatolic believers from all over Indonesia. All activities devotional tradition are managed by St. Maria Lourdes Promasan Parochial.

May 15 2013, anniversary of Sleman’s Residence
The ceremony is conducted in order to commemorate the anniversary of Sleman’s residence.

May 31 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Mbah Bergas
The Ceremony of Mbah Bergas is performed in Hamlet village Ngino, Margoagung, Seyegan, Sleman. Organized depleted harvest and recalls the ideals Mbah Bregas.

May 27 2013, Anniversary Ceremony of Gunungkidul District
The ceremony is conducted in order to commemorate the anniversary of Gunung Kidul Regency in bangsal Sewoko Projo, Gunungkidul.

May 25 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Merti Dusun Mantub 
The local people of Mantub surroundings express their thanksfulness God for the safety and the daily food they have got by performing a thanksgiving ritual. They plan to carry it out on Saturday, 25 May 2013 in Baturetno village of Banguntapan subdistrict.

June 2013, Traditional Ceremony of wonosari
Traditional ceremony was accompanied by Reog and Puppet Stage. The event was held in June 2013 in the Village District Wonosari.

June 2 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Gubug Gede
Ceremonies held by the District Ngalang Ngawen, Guungkidul.

3rd and 4th June 2013, The Ceremony of Bhekti Pertiwi & Pisungsung Jaladri
Representing gratitude to God for the efficacious harvest and also meants as a plea for the next succesfull harvest and for safety of the tourists on their visit to parangtritis, it will be held on Monday and Tuesday 3rd and 4th June 2013, starts at around 11.00 a.m at the pendapa in Parangtritis village, subdistrict of Kretek.

9rd and 10th June 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Labuhan Merapi
Ceremonies Labuhan Merapi, which is an annual routine activity every 30 Rejeb in commemoration jumenengan Ndalem Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X. In order to invoke the protection and safety of the slopes of Merapi, Yogyakarta in particular and society in general.

June 9 2013, Yogyakarta Royal Offerings
The ritual of Yogyakarta royal offerings is held every the 30th of Rejeb (Javanese month). In this year it will be carried out on Sunday 9 June 2013, at about 08.00 a.m in Parangkusuma beach, Parangtritis, the subdistrict of Kretek, Bantul. This rite is purposed to realize the gratitude to God and to beg for salvation for Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

June 7 2013, Anniversary of the Yogyakarta City
Anniversary of the Yogyakarta City Government to 68 years.

June 16 2013, Jogo Kali Jogo Festival
Routine activities carried out in their communities Notoprajan, District Ngampilan, Winongo nriverside to keep clean the river and all around him.
Merti Code ceremonialis ceremony preservation of the river (Kali) code. Organized by the community, especially the northern part of Code incorporated in the container Northern Peoples Forum Code (FMCU).

July 1 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Kupatan Jolosutro
Held annually on Monday Legi in Javanese month of Ruwah, this rite took place in Jolosutro field, in the subdistrict of Piyungan. The ritual is aimed at expressing gratitude for God’s bessing for the successful harvest, sending prayer for the late religious leader Sunan Geseng, and preserving this esteemed legacy of culture. It will be held on 1 July 2013.

July 1 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Nyadran Makam Sewu
Nyadran Makam Sewu is the tradition by the people of Pajangan to send prayers for the late Mbah Bodho, a local religious leader and for his descendants buried in the same compound. It will take place on Monday, 1 July 2013 in the cemetery called Makam Sewu in Wijirejo, the subdistrict of Pandak.

July 20 2013, The Anniversary Ceremony of Bantul Regency
The birthday of Bantul will be celebrated on Saturday 20 July 2013 in Bantul city with a ceremony performed in Javanese Language, the participants of which wear Javanese traditional clothings of Yogyakarta style. The ceremony is enlivened with a parade of ‘Jodhangs’ (the Javanese traditional wooden containers) derived from all of the subdistricts in Bantul Regency.

July 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Nyadran Agung
Nyadran Agung is tradition of giving prayer for the ancestors spirits. The activity is usually held upcoming the Ramadhan at the Kulon Progo Regent’s Official House.

July 1 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Sadranan Gunung Gambar
Traditional ceremony in Gunung Gambar, Beji Villages, Jurangjero, Ngawen, Gunungkidul.

July 1 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Cing-Cing Goling
Traditional ceremony to Gedangan village safety. It is held by the people of Gedangrejo, Karangmojo, Gunungkidul.

August 11 2013, The Fishermen’s Offerings of Pandansimo
a ritual of thanksgiving for good catch and for safety at the sea, carried out by Pandansimo people, presents the sea offerings procession including a fishing game, a fish cooking contest and the local folk art. It will be held on Sunday, 11 August 2013 at 11 a.m, at Pandansimo beach in Poncosari village the Srandakan subdistrict.

August 11 2013, Traditional Ceremony Logantung
Traditional ceremony at Sedang Beji Logantung, Sumberejo District Semin

August 10-11 2013, Performing Arts Lebaran Holidays 2013
Music or traditional dance performances to entertaint visitors of Kulon Progo’s tourist places on holiday seassion of Eid 2013.

August 18 2013, Ceremony of Merti Golong Giling Dipowinatan
This traditional ceremony held in order to build a spirit of determination as well as maintain the unity and togetherness Dipowinatan citizens.

August 14 2013, Kampung Wisata Pandeyan Grebeg Ba’da Kupat
Before Carnival Gunungan Kupat held, in the morning carried Merti Dusun with clean village. Carnival Kupat Mountains consisting of Gunungan Kakung and Putri accompanied bergodo lombok abang soldier, jathilan arts, lion dance and traditional music.

August 2013, Traditional Ceremony at Babad Dalan Sodo
Traditional ceremony at Sodo village, Paliyan subdistrict, Gunungkidul.

September 2013, Traditional Ceremony at Nglangeran
Traditional ceremony at Nglangeran, Patuk subdistrict, Gunungkidul.

September 6 2013, Traditional Ceremony Ki Ageng Tunggul Wulung
Ceremony Tunggul Wulung begins Friday 6 September 2013 at 20:00 p.m with performances uyon-uyon from the local community, followed by a procession taking holy water from the Sendang Beji. The water is then paraded and is buried in the village Hall Sendangagung.

September 20 2013, Traditional Ceremony Tuk Si Bedug
Tuk Sibedug ceremonial procession carried the culture of the village hall leading to the guesthouse Sunan Margodadi Kalijaga Grogol Margodadi. At the rest house was then performed, followed by a ceremony penebaran udik-udik. The series continued with a ceremony on the field Mranggen ceremonial dance with popular attractions as well as the distribution of food typical of ‘cethil’ and the water ‘Tirto true’ to the tourist.

September 7-8 2013
Jogja International Street Performance

September 16-17 2013
Jogja International Heritage Walk

October 1-31 2013, Rosary Pilgrimage Month
Goa Maria Sendangsono, Banjaroya, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo. October is considered as the month of Rosary, as devational tradition month subjected to honor Mother Mary by Catholic believers through rosary pray. During this month, Goa Maria Sendangsono in Banjaroya, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo is usually visited by thousands of pilgrimage especially Catholic believers from all over Indonesia. All activities related to the devotional tradition are managed by St. Maria Lourdes Promasan Parochial.

October 20 2013, World Food Day
October 16 has been declared as World Food Day by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Community of Sendangsono celebrates the World Food Dayby performing traditional drumming music festival and agricultural products in the complex of Goa Maria Sendangsono.

October 7 2013, Anniversary of the city of Yogyakarta
October 2013, Anniversary of the city of Kulonprogo
Alun – alun Wates, Selasa Pahing 15 October 2013. Regular activity of kite flyer competition by kite flyers communities.

October 2013, Festival Kite
Regular activity of kite flyer competition by kite flyers communities.

November 4 2013, The Descent Of Mahesa Sura
The rite of tumuruning Mahesa Sura( the descent of an unreal buffalo called Mahesa Sura) is purposed to thank god for the favor of fertile land, and to beg for His blessing of good harvest in the following days. This ritual event will be performed on Monday, 4 November 2013 at 08.00 p.m in Samas Beach, Srigading village, the subdistrict of Sanden, Bantul.

November 4 2013, Malam 1 Syura
Traditional ceremony to celebrate Islam New Year – Hijriyah and Javanese New Year Saka

November 5 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Jamasan Pusaka Suroloyo
Jamasan Pusaka (Washing Relic) is traditional ceremony held at Suroloyo, Gerbosari, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo. There are two relics to be washe : Kyai Manggala Dewa and Songsong Manggal Murti.

November 10 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Labuhan Bekti Jalanidhi
The people of Srigading village, in Sanden subdistrict is going to perform the ritual of Bekti Jalanidhi on Sunday 10 November 2013. It will start at 9 a.m with a procession from Srigading village – meeting hall in Sanden subdistrict to Samas beach. At the beach, they drop the offering in the from of buffalo-head completed with some other ritual materials. They conclude it with a ritual meal.

November 19 2013, The Ceremony of Labuhan Hondodento
The ritual of Labuhan Hondodento is carried out to thank God for His favor of good life and to beg for safety. Usually conducted in the 15th of Sura (Javanese month), this rite will be done on Tuesday 10 November 2013 in Parangkusuma beach, Parangtritis, the subdistrict of Kretek, Bantul at 07.00 a.m

November 5 2013, The Ceremony of Ruwatan Gunung Lanang
Ruwatan Gunung Lanang is traditional ceremony which especially held to bring prosperity and safety. The tradition is usually held every Javanese New Year (1 Syura), wayang puppet show will be performed in the night and after that sea offerings at Congot Beach in the morning.

November 12 2013, The Ceremony of Nggumbregi
Nggumbregi is traditional ceremony held in Karanggede, Jatimulyo, Girimulyo, Kulon Progoas thanksgiving to the God for the livelihoods especially cattles such as cow, buffalo, goat, etc, and for the prosperity of the people.

November 12 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Ki Daruno Nyai Daruni
Traditional ceremony held by people of Bugel as thanksgiving to ask helaty, prosperity and preventing from calamity and disaster.

November 12 2013, The Ceremony of Labuhan Hajad Dalem Pura Pakualaman
Labuhan Hajad Dalem Pura Pakualaman is traditional ceremony held by the Royal Family of Pura Pakualaman. This Labuhan is kind of offerings held in the Glagah beach by procession to the sea with goal for prosperity. Clothes and things belonged to the family are things included on the offerings.

November 21 2013, The Ceremony of Sedekah Laut Minabahari 45
The ritual event of Mina Bahari 45 will be performed on Thursday 21 November 2013. It is commenced at 01.00 p.m at the ‘pendapa’ (the front part of Javanese mansion) of Depok Beach. Initiated with a prayer, the ritual meal is carried out by the local people. It is concluded by floating the offerings away to the sea. The ritual is an expression of thanksfulness of the people to God for His favor of good fish catch. It is also people’s hope to beseech for daily meals for the following year.

November 21 2013, Culture Parade of Imogiri
This year the culture parade of Imogiri will be performed on Thursday 21 November 2013. Started at 01.00 p.m it will take place from the front yard of Imogiri subdistrict office towards the yard of Pajimatan bus station. This event constitutes a preceding part of the ritual series of Nguras Enceh (Nguras Kong) on the following day.

November 21 2013, The Ceremony of Nguras Enceh
Such ritual ceremony will be held on Friday 22 November 2013 at the Imogiri Royal Cemetery. At about 08.00 a.m the prescribed people perform themselves to cleanse the holy pitchers, the water from which is exploited by the visitors as a good-fortune-bearer. The ritual is preceded with a prayer by the cemetery caretakers.

December 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Taruban Tuksono Village
Traditional ceremony held by people of Taruban as thanksgiving for the good harvests.

December 31 2013, Performing a New Year’s Eve Firework 2014
A celebration to welcome New Year 2014

December 8 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Merti Bumi Tunggul Arum
Traditional ceremony conducted in the Tunggul Arum village in order to applying safety.