The 71st Commemoration of De Ruyter on Java Sea, 27 February 2013

The 2013 Commemoration of battle on Java Sea was the second commemoration  on the exact coordinate where De Ruyter  was sunk. On 2012 it was held on Express Bahari 1C, but on February 27th this year, it was undertaken on Anugrah 01.

De Ruyter 2013Anugrah 01 led by Capt Yunus departed at 18.00 on February 26 from Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya, and reached the sea location, 06 º00′ SW/112º EL, at 08.30 and the ceremony started at 09.00 to 09.45 am on February 27th 2013.  The ceremony was led by Mr. Intrias Herlistiarto and opened by speech from the group leader and also the chairman of Vereniging van Overlevenden & Nabestaanden (V.O.N), Mr. Joop Nahuijsen. Each participant of the ceremony gave speech. One of the speech was spoken by Mr.Nanang Purwono from JTV. He stated that he was impressed by the ceremony as it could bring friendship among nations, especially between Indonesia and The Netherlands, and he added that the Mr Joop Nahuijsen’s persistent attitute and respect to heroes and his father, Antonie Nahuijsen who was a Navy-telegraphist of De Ruyter,  should be a good example for young generations.

On 27 February 1942, the Allies and The Japanese were involved in a battle. The Dutch Indies suffered great lost as its three ships : De Ruyter, Kortenaer dan De Java,  sunk by The Japanese attack. Some hundreds of Dutch and Allies sailors died in this battle.

Mr Joop Nahuijsen  stated that V.O.N foundation was planning to build a monument for the Java Sea Battle on Bawean Island, the closest island to the sea location where De Ruyter sunk. He hoped that the monument could be used as commemoration place for The Java Sea Battle if the ceremony on sea location could not be held due to unfriendly weather.

Exclusive Photos of The Commemoration


Mr Yunus, The Captain of  Anugrah 01

The Coordinate of Sea Location

De Ruyter 2012