Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia (Part 2)

Management of Port
Branch of Tanjung Perak Port was established bt PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III. Board Director of Pelindo III indicates the General Manager as the service guarantor with the office located at Perak Timur 620 Surabaya.
Because giving service to the port’s business partner is considered very important, PT PELINDO II Tanjung Perak Branch has got ISo 9001 certificate on quality management and ISO 14001 on Environtment Management, and also on July 1, 2004 Port of Perak.
Branch has implemented a Seciruty SSystem which has been determined by the International Ship and Port Security Implementation (ISPS Code) at Port of Tanjung Perak.
Safety amd Health Work Mannagement (SMK3) has also been applied by Port of Tanjung Perak , this is the one of parts of the whole management systems focused on controlling the risks related to the work activities as to create safe, efficient and productive work environments.

Port Security:
-Is done by KPLP/GAMAT using boat Patrol for Zone I, located around the entrance of shipping channel (outer buoy) to sembilangan (buoy 6)
-Zone II, Boat patrol located around buoy 6 up to the Gresik Port’s area.
-Zone III, Boat patrol located around the Port f Tanjung Perak’s basin.

Land Side Security:
Is continuously done by the port security at :
-Entrance and exit posts off all terminals.
-Security patrol around the whole area of the port of Tanjung Perak.

The port’s security equipments:
-CCTV, at each Terminal
-Communications tool
-Metal Detector
-Mirror Detector
-Car patrol
-X Ray at Passenger Terminal

1. The Navigational Channel
Western sailing channel is the main channel to enter the port of Tanjung Perak. It has 25 miles long and 100 meter wide of the depth varied between 9.7 to 12 meters LWS completed with 18 buoys.

2. Pilot Service
To ensure safety of the ships entering and departing to and from Port of Tanjung Perak, there are sufficient sea pilots who are on duty and stands by at Karang jamuang Pilot Station 24 Hours. The Pilot station can be called by VHF radio at channel 12-14-16. To support the pilot works, there are some pilot boat and tug boat.

3. Bunker Service
Bunker service is done by Pertamina through port’s pipe at Benoa Kade. Other bunker services are done by the private companies through barges and trucks.

4. Fresh Water Service
Fresh water service for vessels in the port served through pipes along Jamrud, Berlian and East Nilam Harbors with capacity of 300 tons per hour and at Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) the capacity is 30 tons per hour. Vessels is the other anchoring area can be served by 4 water barges with capacity of 1000-`1500 tons per hour. This service is carried out by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III Tanjung Perak Branch Office under the supply of PDAM (Municipal Water Work) Surabaya and PELINDO Production.

5. Health Service
Tanjung Perak Port has been equipped with hospital and 24 hours a day for public service. This hospital is located at Jalan Kalianget 2-4 Surabaya, phone number 031-3294801. This hospital is completed with good health instruments for medical specialists and general practitioner. Emergency Service is also provided in this hospital, supported by ambulance and medical radio with frequency of 718. The ship crews can also use this facility at cheap rate.

6. Fire Brigade
Tanjugng Perak Port is completed with Fire Brigade in charge of handling possible fire danger such as fire risks on the material existing at port area. The porpose of this service is to anticipate and to protect port assets and other ones owned by the public. Therefore despite of providing service for port users, this service is also directed for people nearby who need it. This service of fire brigade servces 24 hours from its base at Jl. Perak Timur No 40 and can be accessed by phone at -031-3291760.

7. Dock and Shipyard
There are many dock and shipyard companies located in Tanjung Perak Port serving maintenance, repair, and even shipbuilding works.

Branch of Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya provides 7 cargo terminals and 2 passenger terminals which is :
1. Cargo Terminal
– Container terminal
-Jamrud terminal
-Berlian Terminal
-Intan Terminal
-Nilam Terminal
-Mirah Terminal
-Kalimas Terminal

2. Passenger Terminal
-Gapura Nusantara
-Gapura Surya

Communication Facilities
Operating Hour : 24 Hours
Calling Code :PKD
Phone : 2182 and 6215
Frequency :500 Khz
VHF : Channel 16-20-26
Working Channel : 12,14