Teak Wood Tree in Indonesia

Teak is the best wood in the world for its beauty, long lasting and repelled to insects and resist any weather. The latin name of the wood is Tectona grandis sp, which could grow for hundred years and as tall as 45 meters.
Characteristic of Teak Tree Teak tree is straight and it has round which depicts wood age, brown yellowy color to reddish , elips leaves 60 to 70 x 80 x 100 cm for young tree and will be small when the tree grow older 15×20 cm, the lave has some kind of fur and if teh leafe squeezed will create red color.
The wood surface has some kind of oil which makes it as good quality wood, that it looks good without polishing.
Teak grows in homogeneous forest. Though it grows in dry climate, in teak forest is not easy to be caught on fire as skin wood of teak is very hard that it is relatively fire-resistant, though it is burnt, the tree wont be destroyed completely. If it is burnt, it is give an ease for new buds to grow in rainy season.
Falling teak leaves on the ground need quiet long time to decompose, that they hinder other plants to grow. Teak leaves are inflammable but teak trees are not bothered by the fire.

Teak tree is very sensitive to climate change. The leaves fall in dry season to decrease evaporation through leaves that they can save water. Teak tree is suitable in alkali soil , pH 6-8, contains calx, phosphor, and not soaked by water.

Teak is very strong wood, that to process teak carpenter asked for more fee,a s sometimes the wood break their tools. The wood is used as main material for ship in the 17th century by VOC, for railway, furniture.

Teak tree is used for various functions:
-The root can be used as natural color. In the 17th century Sulawesi people used the root to color plaited mats to make it yellowy brown.
-Teak can be used to make furniture and bitter teak wood brew can be used as painkiller.
-teak branch was used as first quality fuel to create maximum heat for locomotive fuel.
-The young leaves can be used as painkiller.

Teaks caan be found in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, India, Indochina and Indonesia.According to research of botanist, the tree origin is in Burma. But other experts stated that it is from India, Burma, Thailand and Laos.

Currently BUrma is the main exporter of teak wood, arpound 70 % of world teak wood exports. Burma is the only country which has natural teak forest.

The tree grows well in dry season, rainfall from 1200 to 1300 mm per year, and sunlight all year long. Altitude from 0-700 m asl, yet it can grow in high land more tha 1300 m though the quality is not as good on 700 m asl. These characteristics encourage countries like Australia, NZ, Taiwan, Africa, and Asia Pacific
to cultivate it.

In Indonesia teak grows in Java Island , mostly. In the beginning botanist assumed that teak is not from the island, but planted by Hindus. Yet the research showed that teak has been here since hundreds thousands of years ago.

In 1927, along the north coastal of Java is overgrown by teak from West Java to East Java. Teak can be found in Central and East Java on the altitude of 650 m asl.

Now all teak forest is managed by Perhutani. Teak also has been cultivated in Muna (Sulawesi Tenggara), Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Sumatera, Kalimantan.