Pacet : Alternative Weekend Activities for Adventurous Ones

Pacet is located in Mojokerto regency of East Java Indonesia. It takes only 1.5 driving from Surabaya. It is located 600 m asl, that it offers mild weather for city or suburb inhabitants. The landscape is very beautiful with mountains located in the vicinity: Mt Penanggungan and Mt Arjuno-Welirang. On the way to Pacet if weather is clear you can see ridges of mountains looks like line made by kid. And sunset from road to Pacet look very marvelous as well.
Local people grow vegetables, that along the street you can find various vegetables from carrot, spring onion, cabbage, potatoes and many more.

The most popular place in Pacet is the hot spring, Padusan Hot Spring. The spring has few pools with various range of temperature. Beside the pools, bathrooms are available for rent to enjoy the hot water in more private way. Nearby the spring visitors can also enjoy outbound, pinball, flying fox and other fun activities. Along the street, you can also enjoy local culinary suitable for cold weather, such as hot fried dishes, black sticky rice, and other local menus. Small stalls along the street also offer local vegetables and fruits. If you want to enjoy fun horse riding along the woods of just the visitor area, you can hire horse.

Not far from the spring, located Coban Canggu Waterfall. The waterfall is 70 meters high and located on the slope of Mt Welirang. To reach the waterfall, visitor should descend through stairs. Other waterfall located nearby is Grenjengan Waterfall, this waterfall can be reached by trekking for 1 km through creek. Grenjengan is less visited by visitors unlike Coban Canggu which is very crowded during weekend.

River Kromong is located in the vicinity of Pacet recreation area. It is suitable for rafting and river tubing. The area is still pristine. You can enjoy 12 km rafting through many rapids. If you are into rappelling you can enjoy this on the cliff located on the side of river. The around 30 meters high rock is very challenging.

There are many accommodations in Pacet, from villa, cottages, hotel or even guest house. After getting wet by cold fresh water during rafting in Kromong River, you can enjoy soaking in hot spring. Or in cottage channeling water from hot spring to the cottage area. Local delicacies are served in bamboo and earthen ware household. They are all yum.

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