Papuma Bay, Jember, East Java, Indonesia

Papuma (Pantai Pasir Putih Malikan) is located in Jember, East Java, Indonesia. There is no public transportation from Jember to Papuma, so better access it by your won vehicle whether motorbike or coach. Before entering Papuma you will be welcomed by Jember villages and also trees. Papuma is less than an hour drive from Jember.

To visit Papuma is recommended in the morning. That is when you can enjoy the sunrise from its horizon and when fishermen return from fishing on Hindian Ocean. One boat has around 10 crews, and ladies from vicinity waiting for fish at the beach to be purchased. The boats in papuma bay are very colorful, creating nice shot for your photograph or even if you just want to enjoy the scenery.

Papuma has white sandy beach, only the wave is sometimes too big and strong that swimming there is not allowed. Fishing is another activity you can do here, beside you can undertake activities on the beach such as outbound activities. Or if you like fish menu, you can find fresh grill fish along food stalls on the beach.

On the far south you can hike to Sitihinggil Hill, offering nice view of Papuma Bay, its exotic rocks and Hindian Ocean. Not far from the beach you can enjoy rapling and snorkeling. To fish, snorkel, visitors can rent boat from local fishermen.

Papuma Bay Exclusive Photos

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