Nusa Barong Island, Jember, East Java, Indonesia

Nusa Barong Island is located in Jember, East Java, Indonesia. This Island is on the south of Java Island. The Island is 6100 Ha, accessible from Papuma Bay and Puger Beach with 2 hours duration. The Island is green and the fringe is rocky, and it has few beaches with white sand. There is a beach where local fishermen ashore on the island, it is like small bay, swim-able, only sharp rocks everywhere.

On the way from Papuma Bay to Nusa Barong, nice big rocks hit by swells creating amazing views. You will also meet small boats, and white sea birds flying nearby Nusa Barong. From distance this island looks like a huge rocky island. The island is not inhabited, only by various flora and fauna.

The underwater is nice, that one can do snorkel here on the shallow water. It has various coral reefs. And if you swim, do not swim  to far to the ocean, as it is located on the HIndian Ocean with big swells and strong stream.

The island has 46 species of flora such as Klampok hutan (Eugenia sp), Bogem (brugeura sp), Kalak (Mitrophora javanica), Laban (Vitex pubesecens), Endog-endogan (Xanthophyiium excelsum),  , Salakan (Palmae sp). The island is the home for various animals such as grey monkeys  (Macaca fascicularis), pig (Sus scropa) dan squirrel (Scewius notakas) and various or birds.

Nusa Barong Exclusive Photos

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