Trulek Jawa Bird

Trulek Jawa bird or Javan Lapwing or Sunda Plover (Vanellus macropterus) is a rare bird and endemic only in Java island from Charadriidae and in 1994 was reported as extinct animal by IUCN, but since 2000 this status was revised as critically endangered. Evenso, until today, the bird existence is still mystery. There is no data about the number or this bird in the wildlife. The critically endangered status by IUCN is just an assumption based on records made in 1940. Various investigation and research done could not get proof about this rare bird existence. .

This bird was last seen in 1940on Citarum River Delta. Probably because IUCN has not surveyed all habitats, and still there are reports from locals, that IUCN could not give extinct status.

The characteristics of this bird are: 28 cm, brownish grey feather and black head. The back and chest are greyish, black ab, and white bottom. The flying wings are black, white tail with wide black line of sub-terminal. Iris is brown, black beak and green yellowish legs or orange. One typical about this bird is that it has Yellowish white on its beak.

This birds live with spouse on open savanna along north coast of West Java and southern coast of East Java. The diet is water insect, snail, larva of insects and seeds water plants. The habitat is nearby water such as nearby river, river estuary, and swamp yet they do not like water. They can be seen on dry place nearby wet area such as branches, rocks and grass. The habitats are:
Sawangan Forest, Petungkriyono, Pekalongan (Jawa Tengah); seen on 2001 by Team of Forestry Community of Pekalongan.
Ungaran Forest (Jawa Tengah).
Merubetiri, Jember (Jawa Timur).
Lumajang (Jawa Timur) and Plirik and considered as sacred as the motive on the wing like keris, locals call this bird as Plirik
Halimun Mountain (Jawa Barat).

Classification: Kingdom : Animalia; Filum: Chordata; Kelas: Aves; Ordo:Charadriiformes; Famili: Charadriidae. Species: Vanellus macropterus.