Negara Kertagama PART 2

Pupuh X
These are the officials who often make formal appearance in the hall of Witana, Wredamentri, Panca Wilwatikta : Mahapatih,d emung, kanuruhan, rangga, tumenggung, 5 great officials who are close to palace. All patih, demung of subordinate kingdoms and pengalasan, all officials whose heart are firm and consistent, if came to gather in kepatihan of all kingdoms, 5 main ministers guarding kingdom’s affair. Knights, priest, poet, wirpa, if they make formal appearance they stand under asoka beside witana, and also 2 dharmadyaksa and the seven assistants with arya title, they are skillful, and deserved as an example.

Pupuh XI
That was they who appear in witana hall, where decorated throne located, prohibited to enter the eastern palace, farther from the first door, to the south palace where Singawardana, the queen, and her son and daughters, to southern palace where Kertawardana and the three are like paradise.
All houses have strong pilars, beautifully engraved, made in colorful, the lower parts are made of red brick, with picture of various drawing, roof tile are eye catching-ornamented , lotus flower, kesara, cempaka and other flowers in the garden.

Pupuh XII
The houses along the fortress are tidy, East is the residence of Siwa Hyang Brahmaraja priest, South id Buddha Sangga with Rangkanadi as the leader, West is for Arya, ministers and relatives of king.
On the East is separated by square, stands a miraculous palace, King of Wengker and Queen of Dahha as Indra and Dewi Saci, nearby peace of king of Matahun and Queen of lasem, not far on the south of King of Wilwatikta.
On the north of market, a nice tall house, resides patih Daha, the brother of King of Wengker Bhatara Narapati, he was popular as the kingdom’s backbone, love and obey the king, courageous, skillful and wise. On the north east is the house of Wilwatikta patih, Gajah Mada, courageous minister, wise, devoted to the country, eloquent, skill
ful, calm and firm, smart and honest, the right hand of the great king as the engine of the activator of the country.
On the south of Puri, nice tall building of attorney, on the east is Siwa houses, on the west of Buddha, passd by residence of ministers, arya and knights, different kinds of houses adds to the beauty of pura.
All houses shine bright shiny light, competes with the moon and sun, beautifully invincible, countries in Nisantara, with Daha as the leader, obey and look up, sheltering under Wilwatikta.

Pupuh XIII
Elaborate for islands of subordinate kingdoms, the first Mlayu, Jambi, Palembang, Toba, Darmasraya also joined Kandis, Kahwas, Minangkabau, Siak, Rokan, Kampar, and Pane, kampe, Haru and Mandailing, Tamihang, Perlak and Padang. Lwas with Samudra and Lamuri, Batan, lampung and Barus, those are Malayu countries abide, kingdoms in Pulau Tanjungnegara , Kapuas-Katingan, Sampit, Kota Lingga, Kota Waringin, Sambas, Lawai as well.

Pupuh XIV
Kadandangan, Landa Samadang and Tirem are unforgettable, Sedu, Barune (ng), Kalka, Saludung, Solot and also Pasir, Barito, Sawaku, Tabalung,as well Tanjung Kutei, Malano are the most important in Pulau Tanjungpura.In Hujung Mendini pahang mentioned first are : Langkasuka, Saimwang, Kelantan and Trengganu, Johor, Paka, Muar, Dungun, Tumasik, Kelang and Kedah, Jerai, Kanjapiniran, all are affiliated.
On the east of Java are : Bali with important kingdom: Badahalu and Lo Gajah, Gurun and Sukun, Taliwang, Sapi Island and Dompo, Sang Hyang Api,Bima, Seran, Hutan Kendali as well.
Gurun Island is usually called as Red Lombok (Chilly), with prosperous Sasak area ruled entirely, Bantayan in Bantaran Region with Luwuk city, until Udamakatraya and other islands also abide.
Islands of Makasar, Buton, Banggawi, Kunir, Galian and Salayar, Sumba, Solot, Muar, as well Wanda(n), Ambon or pulau Maluku, Wanin, Seran, Timor and several other islands.

Pupuh VX
These are the names of foreign countries with ties, Siam with Ayudyapura, also Darmanagari, Marutma, Rajapura, and also SInganagari, Campa, kamboja, and Yawana are friends countries.
About Madura Island, is not seen as foreign country, as since long time ago Java has become one and reputedly in Saka Year Ocean Challenge Earth, was when Java and Madura separated though it was not far.
Since Nusantara under the order of the king, every season they pay tax tribute, moved by the desire to add hapiness, poet and officials ordered to draw tribute.

Pupuh XVI
Poets long lived in Nusantara, prohibited to ignore country’s affair, and looking for benefit, they should carry on orders wherever they go should establish Siva religion, and refuse heresy.
Reputedly priests of Sugata adherents, in the trip ordered by the king, was prohibited to step on west part of java as the inhabitants were not Buddha adherents.
On the east of Java, especially Gurun, Bali, may be colonialized without exemption, even according to Mpu Barada and leader if Kutuan priest had made vow.
All priests were ordered to work, sent to east , to west, where they make offering as ordered by king, nice to see when they are teaching.
All countries abide orders, guarded and protected by Sri Nata from Java Islandm but whoever disobedient, disobey, destroyed by the navy chief, who is popular and meritorious.

Pupuh XVII
Established the power of Sri Nata in Java and Nusantara, in Sripalatikta where he resides to move the wheel of the world, his name is spread wide, people are satisfied,happy and relieved, wipra, poet and all rulers also come famous.
It wis great his power and service, the great king of Janggala Kadiri, great king and main king, free from mourn, lived in pleasure, chosed all sweet girls in Jenggala Kediri gathered in palace with who was seized from neighboring countries.
Entire Java is like one city under the king, thousand people visit as number of soldiers surround pura, all islands as villages to store foods, mountain and forest as theme part seems not dangerous.
Every month after rainy season he go itinerant, Sina village located on the south of Jalagiri, east of Pura, is crowded continously along meeting and prasetyan ceremony, enjoy tr
aveling to Wewe Pikatan in the same place with five temples.

Or he goes to worship Hyang Acalapati, usually heading to Blitar, Jimur visiting beautiful mountain, in Daha especially in Polaman, tom Luwu and Lingga to Bangin village, if arriving in Jenggala stop by in Surabaya and then to Buwun.

Aksatisurya year (1275) the king went to Pajang carrying escorts, saka year spider dragon aryama (1276) to lasem passing beach of ocean, in Saka year door mountain hear indu (1279), went to southern sea across forest, relieved enjoying beautiful scenery of Lodaya, Tetu and Sideman.
Saka year one dragon swallow moon (1281) in Badrapada tambah month, Sri Nata went itinerant to the entire country to Lumajang, riding carriage with all Java kings queen and servants, ministers, tanda, priests, poets all officials came as well.

Also who undercovered Prapanca was happy to join escorting the king, he was definitely happy, son of a poet, loved Kakawin, chosen by the king as the official of Buddhism to replace his father, all Buddha priests talked about his past behaviour.
This kawi behavior in his young age when making formal appearance to the king was to take the heart, that he would be asked to follow him anywhere, yet could not enjoy the nature, maintain and explored and changed into kakawin, that was the color along the way is written in consecutively.
In the outset passing Japan with dorm and temples ruk kebah, on the east sugarcane of Pandawa forest, Bebala nearby Kanci, Ratnapangkaja and Kuti Haji Pangkajaya elongated connecting one another, Mandala Panjrak, Pongging and Jingan, Kuwu Hanyar located on along the street side.
After visiting Pancasara tomb temple, stayed overnight in Kapulungan, and later Kawi stayed overnight in Waru, in Hering not far from the beach, following the law became the leader of Saraya dorm, but still on other’s hand, longing, pensive, waiting.

Sri Nata left Kapulungan with parade of personnel, along street full of carriages, the passengers sat in coincide, carts at the front and back, in the middle of walking soldiers,jostling,jockeying around with elephants and horses. The carts are uncountable, but different characteristics, in groups, as every ministers had different emblem, rakrian the minister patih amangkubumi, had hundreds of carriages, gather with other emblems.
All carriages of Sri Nata Pajang had sun drawing, all carriages of Sri Nata Lasem had shiny white banteng, Sri Nata Daha nehicle had shiny Dahakusuma mas, splendor Sri Nata Jiwana’s carriage attracted attention
Sri Nata Wilwatikta’s carriage is priceless, had drawing of maja fruit, geringsing textile roof, decorated with golden painting, red shiny and beautiful, all personnel, parameswari of king and queen Sri Sudewi, in short women were in red carriages and move on the front most. Sri Nata’scarriage engraved with gold and beautiful stones on the back most, other jempana veiled with velvet, shiny,soldiers escorting compactly from Kediri, panglarang, Sedah, Bhayangkari, in droves riding elephants and horses.
In the morning arrived in Pancuran Mungkur, Sri Nata wasnted to rest, Sang Ranawi , left for Sawungan visiting friend, when sun set depart again when the king and then move eastward head for Watu Kiken, and then stopped in Matanjung.
Quiet village nearby street, very rare trees, different names, Gelanggang, Badung, not far from Barungbung, unforgettable Ermanik, the village abide Yanatraya, satisfied dharmadyaksa tasted various menus and beverages.
Arriving at Kulus, Batang in Gangan Asem, the king’s trip, the day was shady, sun had set, it had been dark until 7 pm, the king gave order to set tent in the middle of sawah, it was ready after meals, and then sharing the places.

Pupuh XIX
In the morning departed to Baya, rested 3 days 3 nights, from Baya passing Katang, Kedung Dawa, rame, toward Lampes Times and monastery in Pogara following soft sandy road toward Tree Banyan in Dadap, carriages were running.
There was a Madakaripura village wit nice scenery, the land is a gift from the king to Gajah Mada, was tidy, there was where the king enjoyed nice decorated villa , while visiting the spring, with friendliness doing devoted bath.

Pupuh XX
Arriving in village, king was entertained with food and drink, various inhabitant of Gapuk, Sada, Wisisaya, Isanabajra, Ganten, Poh, Capahan, Kalampitan, Lambang, Kuran, Pancar, WePeteng, located nearby the monastry came for formal appearance. Also Tinggilis villagem Pabayeman came gather, including Ratnapapangkaja in Carcan, a free tax village, thaose were the kasogatan village led by akuwu, since the past only 8 producing food.

Pupuh XXI
Sun rose, King departed via Lo Pandak, Ranu Kuning, Balerah, Bare-bare, Dawohan Kapayeman, Telpak, Baremi, Sapang and Kasaduran. Carriage moved fast to pawiyungan. Descending lurah, crossing sawah, ran to Jaladipa, Talapika, Padali, Arnon and Panggulan directly to Payaman, Tepasana toward Rembang city. Arriving in Kemirahan located on the sea cast.

Pupuh XXII
In Dampar and patanjungan , the king enjoyed time strolling the beach eastward, following the flat sand, soft pased by carriage. He halted on a bank of lake full of blooming lotus, tunjung. Enjoying swimming shrimp in a calm water showing its bottom. Passing the beauty of the waving lake with ocean. The lake was left, and head to Wedi and Guntur hidden on street bank of Kasogatan Bajraka part of Taladjiwa area since long time ago. Just like Patanjungan, because of war, had not returned to the dorm. The place was passed. Eastward following forest along the coast., stopped inPalumbon, hunting for a while, and then departed after sunset. Crossing Rabutlawang river which was coincidentally lessened. Stopped by at Lurah Balater, towards the shore, and then stayed overnight again.
When sun rises, leaving for Kunir Basini, in Sadeng stayed overnight. Night to another nights, the king enjoyed nature of Sarampuan. After that he had some fun nearby Bacok city, in Heran beach, overlooking rocks doused by gushed waves and buoys like rain. But rakawi did not visit Bacok, he went from Sadeng village northward nearby Balung, and continue toward Tumbu and habet Galagah, Tampaling and rested in renes while waiting for the king to meet him again in the trip to Jayakreta-Wanagriya.

Passing Doni Bontong, Puruhan, Bacek Pakisaji, Padangan proceed to Secang passed Jati Gumelar, Silabango to the north to Dewa rame and Dukun. And then depart again to pakembangan and stayed overnight there and depart . The king arrived at the end of Lurah Daya Yang and then descended to the ravine. From shore northward along the road is very narrow, very difficult to pass. The moss was slippery for much wain. Many carriages were broken for crash.

Pupuh XXIV
It was pretty smooth the carriage moved from palayangan and bangkong, two villages without story, and then proceed to Sarana and they were tired and wanted to rest. Others go to Surabusa quickly. Hindered by sun set then stopped at savanna. Evening came, exhausted cows released from the pair. The trip turned northward passing Turayan. Together feverishly to reach patukangan.

Pupuh XXV
It was long story about ministers and personnel behavior. Together, the king arrived in Patukangan. On the bank of wide calm flat ocean nestled .on the west was Talakreb. On the north was Pakuwuan, the villa of The king. All ministers, foreign presented in Pakuwuan. Also Pasuguhan attorney, Wangsadiraja. Splendid Upapatti officialalso came, all elite of Panji Siva religion and Panji Budha religion, understood law and comprehending literature.

Pupuh XXVI
Adipati Suradikara led the ceremony and welcomed. Followed by all inhabitants of Patukangan area. Conveying gifts, happy for alternately were given textile. The people were happy, the king was happy, Pakuwuhan was full of joy. The scenery was a house from the end elongated toward the ocean, various shape, the yard were boats, from distance looked like island. The road is a shaking bridge looked like dancing passed by waves. It was built by Arya to welcome king.

To lessen the heat of the sun, the king approached the queen as god and goddess. Princesses were like apsari went down from heaven. The disappearance of peculiarity, looked at each other with amaze. Various games were help to entertain. Holding things to make people happy. Mask dance, fight match, wrestling, made people amazed. He really turned to be a god, encircling the world.

During the visit in patukangan village, all ministers from Bali and Madura, from Balumbung, the trust of ministers from all over east java were gathered.
Gifts were abundant, pig, bull’s cubs, bulls, cows, chickes and dog. Textile accepted was in heap. Audience were amazed, looking at it. The next morning, the king went out in the middle of people escorted by kawi and poet to share things, made people happy.

Pupuh XXIX
Only poet who undercovered, Prapanca was sad. Mourning for the lost of a kawi Buddha panji Kertayasa, a friend in happiness, close friend in religious ceremony. He was invited to go home, was making a masterpiece Kusangka still healthy, able to take me anywhere. He knew places that i should see. Seems the poet wanted to pass down the masterpiece. Yet he passed away, when i arrived, unexpectedly. It was because i joined to depart to Keta Meliwati village Tal Tunggal, Halalang-Panjang, pacaran, and Bungatan to Toya Tngun, Walanding, and proceed to Terapas and the stayed overnight. The next morning depart to Lemah Abanf and reached Keta soon.

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