Pararaton (Part 9)

Pararaton Chapter 11
Hyang Wisesa was crowned as king and then a volcano eruption incident in Prangbakat in 1317.Later Gajah Enggon died in 1320 Saka. He became patih for 27 years. Hyang Wekasing Suka promoted Gajah Manhuri became patih. Hyang Wekasing Suka died in Indra Bawana, in 1321, and temple-ized in Tanjung, the official name of the temple was parama Suka pura. Hyang Wisesa became priest in 1322.

Pararaton Chapter 12
Seri ratu batara Isteri was crowned as king. The queen of Lasem died in Kawidyaren, temple-ized in pabangan, the official name of the temple was laksmi Pura. The wueen died in Kahuripan. The queen of Lasem is a fat queen died. King of pandan Salas died, temple-ized in Jinggan, the official name of the temple was Sri Wisnu Pura. Hyang Wisesa quarreled with Wirabumi, they were reluctant to speak to each other, quiet to each other, finally they separate in 1323.

Three years later there was a riot. Both gather people, King of Tumapel and Hyang Prameswara was asked to come. ‘WHo should i follow?’ Then Malang war broke. He was desperate and intended to leave. ‘Lord, do not leave in hurry, i will fight.’ Hyang WIsnu agreed and gathered his men again, led by king of king of Tumapel. in Daha was taken by Hyang WIsesa, taken to boat, chased by Raden Gajah whose crown name was Ratu Angabaya, Narapati. Chased in the boat, killed, his head cut, and taken to Majapahit, temple-ized in Lung, the official name of the temple was Gorisa, in 1328, in that year broke the riot. 4 years later Gajah Manguri died in 1332 Saka.

Gajah Lembaga became patih for 12 years. Later broke volcano eruption in Julung week in 1343 Saka. Gajah Lembana died in 1335 Saka. Tuhan Kanaka became patih for 3 years. Queen of Saha died, Queen of Matahun died, Queen of Mataram died. And further there was long period of food shortage in 1348 Saka. King of Tumapel died in 1349 Saka, and temple-ized in Lokerep, the temple was Asmarasaba. King of Wengker died, and temple-ized in Sumengka.

Pararaton Chapter 13
Tuhan Kanaka died in 16 Saka. For 17 years became patih. Seri Ratu of Lasem died in Jinggan. Lord of Pandan Salas died. Raden Jagulu, Raden Gajah was eliminated as he did mistake: cutting Wirabumi head, in 1355. Queen of Daha became king in 1359 Saka.

Lord Prameswara died, he died in Wisnu Bawana in 1359, and temple-ized in Singajaya. Lord Keling died and temple-ized in Apa apa. Queen Prabu-stri died in 1369 Saka and temple-ized in Singajaya.

Pararaton Chapter 14
Then Lord of Tumapel replaced to be king. Lord of Paguhan eliminated Tidung Galating people, and this was reported yo Majapahit. Then there was a quake in 1372. Lord of Paguhan died in Canggum and temple-ized in Sabyantara. Hyang died , temple-ized in Puri. Lord of Jagaraga died. Queen of Kabalan died, and temple-ized in Pajang. And then a volcano eruption in Kuningan week, in 1373.

Prabu died in 1373, and the official name of the temple was Kerta Wijaya Pura

Pararaton Chapter 15
Lord of Pamotan became king in Pamotan and became king in Keling, Kahuripan and his crown name was Sri Rajasawardana. Sinagara was temple-ized in Sepang in 1375.

Pararaton Chapter 16
For three years, there was no king.

Pararaton Chapter 17
Then Lord of Wengker became king, his crown name was Hyang Purwa Wisesa, in 1378. Then there was a volcano explosion in Landep week, in 1384. Lord of Daha died in 1386. Hyang Purwa Wisesa died and temple-ized in Puri in 1388 and the Lord of jagaraga died.

Pararaton Chapter 18
Lors of Pandan Salas became king of Tumapel and the became king in 1388 Saka. He became king for 2 years, and then left the palace. Children of Sinaraga are : Lord of Kahuripan, Lord of Mataram, Lord of pamotan and the youngest was Kertabumi, was the uncle of the late in kedatuan (palace) in 1400. Then a volcano explosion incident, in Watu week in 1403.

That was the story of kings. Finished in Itcasada in Sela Penek village, in 1535. Finished on Pahing, Saturday, Warigadyan week, date 2, middle of black month, second month. I hope that readers will enjoy, any lack or redundancy, or hard to enjoy, there are many damage, this is a result of bubble over stupidity due to newly study. Long live, hopefully, thus, may be happy,also the writer.

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